Girls (S06E04) “Painful Evacuation”



I don’t think anything can prepare you for the heaviness that this episode presents to the viewers out there. It becomes more and more present that this is the end. The emotional constructs that come from each episode are just going to get deeper and more unsettling. Life is changing whether they want it to or not. I warn you now, there are spoiler’s in this review, it is something that is unavoidable for this episode.

Hannah (Lena Dunham) is beginning to realize that the life of a female writer isn’t exactly what she pictured it to be in her mind. It is a tough job and there are very little idle moments to be alone with her thoughts. The truth in this matter strikes her head on when she interviews a female writer who has been in the business for a significant amount of time.

Changed perspectives are happening across the board, as each character deals with their own little crisis’s. Adam (Adam Driver) has been working on a movie set that seems to have too many restrictions for his creative natures so on an angry tirade he leaves the set and quits the movie. Without missing a beat, Jessa (Jemima Kirke) suggests that he channel his creative energy into a project of his own, a movie. This leads the pair into a brainstorm session where they come up with a brilliant idea, to do something raw and real, and what better story to tell than their relationship with Hannah?

Ray (Alex Karpovsky) is struggling internally with how distant and self-centered Marnie (Allison Williams) seems to be. Her mind is elsewhere always and the disconnect is felt by all. It doesn’t get any easier for him as the episode progresses. Bobby, a regular at the coffee shop was sharing an elaborate story that Ray brushed off, as it was a busy day and there were other customers to get to. No big deal, right? Wrong. When Bobby ventured outside he collapsed on the sidewalk in front of the coffee shop and died. Instant guilt.

Meanwhile Marnie seems to be distracted with so many things, one of them is going to therapy sessions that are supposed to help Desi’s (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) recovery for his addiction. She is focused on getting him better for all the wrong reasons, to go back to the way things used to be so they can make music again. She makes his whole addiction about her, which brings to light her narcissism. Something she has always avoided thinking about, until now.

When Ray is trying to come to terms with the death of Bobby, he gets into a heated argument with Hermie (Colin Quin), about how he is wasting his true potential and has gotten used to coasting through life. His priorities are backwards and he has lost sight of the bigger picture. It upsets Ray more than it should’ve and he leaves with angry words. But he knows that Hermie is right, and after talking with Sosh (who actually listens and gives great advice), he comes to some big realizations, that all Hermie wants  is for Ray to be a better version of him. He wants to do something real and be remembered for something greater. After a cool down he’s ready to apologize and own up to his anger.

Hannah finds herself at the hospital, there is blood in her urine due to another unchecked UTI. There is no such thing as TMI in this series, everyone seems to be an open book. But when her doctor, Joshua (Patrick Wilson) makes an awkward appearance, he reveals that there is something else going on in her body, she’s pregnant. That is a bombshell that no one saw coming, well at least I didn’t. With this new knowledge weighing heavy on her soul, she retreats away from the world and back to her apartment. This changes everything.

To top this episode off, while Ray has ventured into Hermie’s place to apologize to him, he finds him curled up on the couch next to the blaring television. As Ray tries to shake him awake, the stillness fills the room. He’s never going to wake up again, and you can tell that Ray’s world is crumbling apart as he realizes that Hermie’s is dead.

This episode was raw and ripe with emotional turmoil. I’m not sure what the future holds for these characters, but life is not holding back for anyone of them. The end is near and no one is getting out unscathed.


Rating: 9/10


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