The Flash (S03E15) “Wrath Of Savitar”

Oh my Savitar, I did not see that coming! But at least we did see two parts of Savitar’s prophecy unfold within this episode. But poor Wally, I will get to that in a bit but overall this episode was better. And huge, huge props to composer Blake Neely whose music has overpowered the last two seasons of the Flash to give this season the best score so far of the seasons of the series. I’ve been a fan of Blake Neely’s music for a long time and this seasons music makes me a bigger fan.

In this episode: We see Barry (Grant Gustin) training Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) to become faster in order to save Iris (Candice Patton) from Savitar (Andre Tricoteux [voiced by Tobin Bell]). When the team reveals that Wally beat his recent high velocity point they are all happy for Wally, but Wally is very distracted by the hallucinations hes been having of Savitar. Wally declines to tell the team about his hallucinations of the speed god and continues on. When Barry and Wally go to help the fire department take out a fire, Wally is stopped by his hallucinations being knocked off his feet by Savitar; Savitar tells Wally he’s everywhere and begins torturing him by picking his body up and flying him all over the alleyway. When Barry goes to see if Wally is okay after seeing him being beaten up in the air like a rag doll, Wally cowers in fear telling Barry he’s seeing Savitar.

When Wally tells the team that its been two weeks since he started seeing Savitar in a hallucination state. After hearing this, Barry feels like he can’t trust Wally to be on training and puts Wally on the sidelines. Barry then wants to know what Savitar may know and requests Julian (Tom Felton) to do the séance. Julian at first says no, but after Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) convinces him to do it, Julian agrees but only if its the last time. Once Savitar takes control of Julian’s mind he reveals another part of the prophecy that H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) is the only one who survives the “wrath of Savitar”. When Barry asks questions, Savitar answered the questions revealing not all of the philosphers stone is in the speed force and that very soon a part of his prophecy will come to light soon. Savitar tells Iris, he’s truly sorry she has to be the one who dies but its either her or him who dies and he isn’t ready for it just yet. Barry asks Savitar who he is, Savitar replies he’s the future Flash.

Barry then disconnects Julian from the machine and everyone takes to light in what Savitar told the team even though H.R. is completely freaked the hell out from that séance. When the team investigates where one of the alcolytes maybe Cisco (Carlos Valdes) finds out they are somewhere far away from the city. When Barry goes to stop the worshiping of the speed god, the alcolyte tells Barry about moving up the wedding date. When Barry gets back, Wally tells Cisco he is curious about seeing the future that he wants to see how it happens so he can be ready to help stop Savitar at that moment. Cisco vibes Wally into the vision of the future revealing the one thing that Wally wishes he never had to see. When Wally sees the future of Savitar stabbing Iris his heart breaks into millions of pieces, Wally then sees that Iris isn’t wearing a ring. When Wally reveals the info he got from the future vision, Iris feels betrayed but isn’t angry at Barry for keeping that from her.

Caitlin the reveals she betrayed the team by keeping a part of the philosphers stone before Barry threw it into the speed force. When the truth comes to light with the team, the team doesn’t blame Caitlin for wanting to get rid of her powers but Julian feels betrayed and unsure about how to feel about Caitlin.

Wally and Jesse (Violett Beane) then have a long chat about what they should be worrying about right now. Until Wally has a hallucination of his mother Francine (Vanessa Williams) revealing that Savitar is portraying as his mother and reveals to Wally he will never be fast enough to save Iris and once Savitar is released he will go after everyone that both Barry and Wally care for. Wally telling Jesse he will take care of it himself takes the last part of the philosphers stone. Savitar then taunts Wally, but Wally eventually opens a portal to the speed force throwing the last part of the philosphers stone in it but then ends up being picked up by the speed force. Once Barry speeds to Wally; Wally then disintegrates in front of Barry. Barry feeling heartbroken over what he just witnessed with Wally then sees Savitar come out of the speed force revealing that Wally is now trapped in the speed force taking Savitar’s place.

Barry full of rage, goes after Savitar having their first fight throughout the city. Barry demanding to know who Savitar is under that mask. Barry tells Savitar he is going to kill him, but Savitar tells Barry he will never kill him because thats not the Barry Allen way. Savitar then stabs Barry and speeds away! Caitlin then pulls the shard of Savitar’s blade out of Barry’s chest. Barry tells Joe (Jesse L. Martin) whose holding a piece of Wally’s suit in his hands, Joe tells Barry he can’t lose Wally. Jesse (Violett Beane) thinking her boyfriend is now dead, but Barry assures they are going to get Wally back.

Next Episode: The Flash(S03E16):”Into The Speed Force” airs Tuesday March 14, 2017