Bull: (S01E16) “Free Fall”

It’s bonding time in a team building intensive in flight. Governor Whittington (Robert Bogue) laughs and yells,”Geronimo” and jumps from a plane; skydives.  But his chute doesn’t open. Screaming for help, the owner of the company, Walt Hyland (Paul Hickert) jumps to save him; both are killed.. Both  parachutes failed.

Never the less, the first lady of the state, Mrs Whittington (Tara Westwood) files suit against the company. (Uncle) Max Hyland  and Walt’s brother (Frank Whaley)  represents Hyland Skydiving. It’s David and Goliath and Bull wants to help, “David” Liberty (Dena Tyler) is back and representing Goliath and the gross negligence leading to the death of the Governor.

During  TAC investigations, it is found that the cords on both the  chutes and the back up chutes were frayed. Walter Hyland was meticulous and his routine was to check the equipment and re- check the equipment, ad nauseam; a practice of 27 years.  This practice warranted a more thorough investigation, ya’think? It didn’t and Bull does.  He first thinks it’s sabotage, yet now it is murder.

Fun to watch was Liberty’s “Bull” tactics during jury selection. She learned a lot from the Master and actually gave him pause. Later, watching her pissed off (at Bull) and on the attack was excellent! “meow!”  Although the case was not pursued, due to revelations; Liberty felt good about it.  She walked away knowing what it feels like to win…on her own!

I love a good murder mystery & this one was a good one! Although “who done it” becomes obvious during Liberty’s cross, it was worth watching the reveal.  The Liberty Davis and Jason Bull dynamic never disappoints.

And no doubt, coming up the rear is a Benny (Freddy Rodriguez) story. A man named Hayden Watkins may be an innocent, who’s been in prison for 9 years. Benny put him there.

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