Imposters (S01E05) “Is A Shark Good Or Bad?”


Decisions are hard to make. Maybe that’s why when we were kids we try to question everything and leave the decisions to the grown ups. But in adulthood, we can’t afford to question and we must act. Thus, accepting the consequences of our decisions.

Imposters is about decision making: why did I marry her? Why can’t I let her go? When I’m I going to stop conning others? What did Sally just do? The last one is the starting point of the episode: what did Sally just do?  Well, Sally just killed the target. Yes, there will be no wedding because Gary the banker is no more. It is the first time we’ve seen them fail. We have met three past victims and the rip-off artist had completed their mission. In this moment the only right decision is to call Lenny (which, by the way, reminds me that I want a Lenny spin-off).

While Lenny is walking towards the house she encounters a kid dress in a superhero costume. Man, kids have the best questions, fill with truth. He want’s to know is she is good or bad. Her answer? “I’m a tool”. She is the tool of the Doctor, the one that enforces the law in the con artist world. Yes, even con artist have rules to follow and Sally just broke one. So she has to pay.

So, now the decision is: what’s more important, the relationship with Sally or with the Doctor? Guess what Max chooses. Max is an O.G. con artist that lives by the book of cons. In what appeared to be a getaway from the two of them with 300.000 dollars turn out to be a trap for Sally that ended up in the car with Lenny with a destination… well like Gary. By the way, Lenny doesn’t look like the type to use Waze, she’s just that cool. What we realize is that Max is a snitch, but even snitches follow a code.

Maddie is told to act as normal. So she goes to work and decides to give it a go with Patrick. Yes, Patrick is still in the picture. And while she sleeps with him and probably falls in love with him, the police have charged Gary (R.I.P the banker) with embezzlement and fleeing the country. Even though Maddie thinks she can start a life Max will burst that bubble. Now, to repair their relationship with the Doctor and keep living, they will have to con Patrick. The decision, taken years ago, to go into business with the Doctor might not have been the right one.

Meanwhile, our favorite heartbroken-fooled-by-the-same-woman trio has become experts in conning. They know how to steal, cheat and fool. And they like it. The decision they have to make is: what would we do when we confront her? The fact is they still love her and the only way to move forward is by creating a Maddie code.

By the end of the episode, Maddie’s at a cafe probably making a decision: should I con Patrick? Should I run? Tell him the truth? And while in the process she will be confronted by reality. Someone’s got 99 problems and 3 of her exes are one.

Quotes from the episode:

“I’m like the shark’s teeth”
“Use your head not your heart”
“We need a Maddie code”
“It’s better to be sad than dead”