Legion (S01E05) “Chapter 5”



So far, each episode that has come from this series has left you questioning what is real and what is a made-up construct of David’s mind. It leads you down this blurry path of confusion and wonderment, hoping that these nightmarish figments are just that, another illusion. This episode we start getting glimpses of truths. Or so we are lead to believe.

Since David (Dan Stevens) came back from the Astral Plane he has been acting odd. There is this eerie calmness that surrounds him. It’s as though he either gave up or accepted his fate, either one can lead down a dangerous path. The new confidence has Melanie (Jean Smart) on high alert, things are a little too picturesque right now. Syd (Rachel Keller) has become blinded by her love and affection for him, and the fact that he has created a way for them to be “together”. He has a created a safe space, an illusion for the two of them to be as one, but there are sinister undertones throughout this paradise.

Cary (Bill Irwin) has been doting over Kerry (Amber Midthunder) ever since they brought her bullet riddled body back to Summerland. Her injuries are severe, yet as soon as she begins to shows signs of life and awakening from her slumber he absorbs her back into himself so she can heal quicker. It causes trauma to his own body, but those are the sacrifice’s one makes for someone they care about. There is a lot of this scattered throughout the series, it brings a human element to the story.

David is hell bent on rescuing his sister, Amy (Katie Asleton) from “D3” immediately, he comes off with a cocky “I can do it myself” attitude that has the rest of the team rattled. Nothing anyone can say to him will change his mind, surely his stubborn nature will find him having an untimely demise, but he believes in his powers and the things he is capable of doing. As he shares another romantic evening with Syd in his mind paradise, he pulls another vanishing act while she is sleeping. Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) has gotten to him, convincing him that they need to act now or it would be too late.

Awakening to find David is now missing, Syd informs the rest of the group that he has gone. Melanie is frazzled by this new development and wants to move out now, without a plan. Ptonomy (Jeremie Harris) accuses her of being irrational and putting too much faith into David, since there is a slight possibility that he may be able to bring her Oliver back.  David is a loose cannon who seems to only think of himself. There’s more to it than personal gain, he’s beyond powerful and if the opposing team should get hold of him it would spell disaster for all of them. There is no time to lose, he could be in possible danger and it was their duty to go and help him.

When they arrive to the D3 facility, they are met with carnage and mayhem. Buildings are on fire and there are bits and pieces of dead bodies scattered around the compound, most of which have been buried within the concrete. It looks like David didn’t need their help after all. The scale of his powers was no match for them, even with their elite security teams. Basically, don’t piss of David, he’s even more dangerous when fueled by anger. As the team splits up to search for David and his sister, they come across bits and pieces of mayhem everywhere they go.

Rudy (Brad Mann) and Melanie go through the surveillance cameras to see what had transpired. They had always suspected that David was overpowered, and this just confirmed it. With the flick of a wrist, death and destruction rained down upon those unfortunate souls who stood in his way. But there was something else lurking beneath his skin, the cameras picked up another entity that seemed to be possessing David, it was Devil with the yellow eyes. Meanwhile Syd and Ptonomy makes a grueling discovery herself, the head of M3 is dying a horrible death wedged in the concrete, he has a warning for them. “We were wrong. We had it all wrong. It wears a human face…”

David is long gone now, he has taken his sister to their childhood home. Syd can decipher where they had disappeared to due to a flash back to her and David’s safe spot. He looks terrified as he drops her subtle hints to where he has gone. It’s as though he is no longer in control of himself anymore, which is a dangerous thing.

 As they head to David’s childhood home, Cary has been working on his own project and has come to the realization that they had gotten it wrong all along. His theory is that an older mutant had attached his consciousness to David as a child, becoming a parasite that controlled David’s thoughts and memories. Causing him to forget those moments where this foreign entity was found. Cary has developed a device that should subdue the parasite and let them talk to David one on one.

They have no idea what they are walking into when they get to the house, as far as they know they could be figments transported into one of David’s illusions. They get a dose of their new reality when they lose the ability to hear or speak. The silence is deafening, but they need to get him out of there. Something has been lurking in the shadows ever since they left M3, The Eye (Mackenzie Gray) is still alive, and hot on their trail.

Amy is some trouble of her own. Whoever has control of her brother is hostile towards her and the secret that she is keeping from him. It turns out David was adopted, and everything he had ever known was a lie. They feared that if he knew the truth it would make his illness worse. Even though he had never been sick. This is when Lenny comes face to face with Amy. There is something sinister at work, and we are so close to some sort of answer, but it’s not time for it to be revealed yet.

Cary and Kerry have now joined the rest of the team in the house of horrors. Syd follows one of David’s nightmares to the room where he and Amy are being kept, and that’s when the real fun begins. Lenny begins to terrorize Syd and reveals other forms, a dog, Benny and the Devil with the yellow eyes comes to call. As Syd frantically tries to get David to take control, they are all transported to Clockwork’s. They are the patients and Lenny is the doctor.

It is so hard to wrap my head around the events of this episode. Just when I think it can’t get anymore in-depth or bizarre, the writers take you for a ride. It is quite brilliant the way they are weaving this story, and I cannot wait for more!


Rating: 9.5/10


Legion airs on FX every Wednesday at 10pm ET/PT