NCIS NOLA: (S03E16) “The Last Stand”

In the bush, shots are fired & birds scatter. ‘Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!”

In a bar at 1 am in the morning, Rita Devereaux (Chelsea Field) sends Dwayne a drink and JAG Noah is missing.  JAG lawyer and ADA Rita wants Pride’s help in locating hm. Plus she’s an old flame from the last century who wanted to connect with him anyway.  He’s game and open.   Plus he knew she was in town and well, possibly wanted to work with her as well. Maybe something will happen romantically here;  maybe this is the intent I don’t know. “He can do better” in my opinion. I’d like to see him with a true, fresh and new romantic interest, not an old crony from back in the day. Just sayin…

 Buzzards…or crows,  flying overhead in the bush, lead the team to a swamp. A body is found with alligators rolling it and completing their meal. It’s JAG Noah.  Troubled youth, Terrance Lewis @ the academy could be the link leading to Noah’s demise.  It appears Noah was investigating him. He’s also missing from the academy. I must say, LaSalle looked at home “scooting and shooing the ‘gators away from the body of Noah; who was killed because of information he had regarding the academy’s practice of working with troubled youth… and his protection of Terrace Lewis!  His body was found near Noah’s later, sadly by  Sebastian.

And speaking of Sebastian; while searching for the Noah projectiles.  I must say, I was holding my breath, “waiting for the other shoe to drop” …waiting for a knock out  or him being hit from behind However, he sustained and there was no, “usual and customary” Sebastian moment. I’m good with that.  I like him as a field agent and as needed, lab person.

Percy’s back! She & LaSalle are captured and are in a hostage situation @ the academy during a ballistic check. It was an attempt to protect the academy by the students. ”Taps” and Timothy Hutton came to mind, fondly of course.

I sensed the murderer early on, which is no fun. Yet seeing Lasalle & Percy so close and handcuffed together, works for me ♡

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