Supernatural (S12E15) “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”


It always has to be a nice, romantic, peaceful moment before someone dies. Lovely couple I might add but once he went for extra firewood I knew he was going to get it. And he did. He died gruesomly, an his girlfriend decided to hit the invisible object. Smart, but was it a good idea? Of course not! You never would an invisble killing monster that you don’t know what it is! It will literally come back & bite her in the ass! She will learn; her dead boyfriend was supposed to propse to her while they were camping but died before he could.

Ghoul, wrath, and siren all on Dean & his hair. Both the boys went on missions back to back. A glorious day for Dean! Only problem is, he freaking reeks and needs a bath ASAP! For there next mission (Sam got from his “super computer”) Sam doesn’t want him smelling like road kill in the car, so Dean, please take a bath. When the boys make it to the scene Dean briefly asks how mom is. An in return Sam asks how Cas is doing. Mamma Winchester is taking on more missions & Cas is still looking for Lucy’s baby but also tracking down angels. The angels are killing one another again.

Cas is at the diner where one of the angels had died at. The manager knows why Cas is there but not really. This odd ball of a manager thinks Reptilian aliens are involved. But after looking at some taped footage it was really another Hell General. Cas wastes no time listening to the manager and his rambling. He takes the whole camera and leaves Cas was getting fed up with this guy.

Dean and Sam find out from the Sheriff that the boy probably died by a bear. But the girl who survived says an invisible wolf did it. In other words ladies and gentlemen were dealing with our old friend, the Hellhound! They go to speak to the survivor but for doing so they let the dog in her house. She doesn’t want to hear there calm talk or that it was a damn bear again. She kicks them out but not even a minute later the hound bounces! But the boys hop in & shoots at it blindly. Well there goes another good window.

Crowley is still giving a nice chat with Lucy but is interrupted by his lackies asking for him to deal with work. Luckily Crowley gets a call from Not Moose, he at first doesn’t want to help after his son went back in time to die. But quickly catches his attention when he says one his Hellhounds is going around killing without making deals. Crowley arrives in an instant & has a lovely story to tell. Ther not just dealing with any Hellhound, there dealing with the 1sr Hellhound ever! An she holds a damn grudge! Told you, her hitting the Hellhound with an axe would bite her in the ass!

Cas is confronted by an angel named Melvin when he leaves the diner, who wants the same thing as Cas. Kelly Klaine & the evil bun in the oven! But can Cas trust him? Hell no! All those angels always say something good but then something bad happens. I wouldn’t trust the 1st thing that comes out of his mouth! Back in hell, two demon lackies find Lucy all chained up. Since they pretty much stole the key from Crowley while he was on the phone. But before they can let him go they have a few demands to make. Looks like Lucy will be sitting in that chair longer then expected, sounds like a long list.

Melvin is trying to convince Cas to come back to heaven. Yes they hold grudges but Joshua is also involved with trying to get Kelly Klaine. Joshua may forgive all of Cas sins but is that true though? I’d rather Joshua come to Earth himself and say that! Not send this load of crap named Melvin! Please don’t trust him Cas, please!

The glasses are out! I repeat, the Hellhound glasses are out! An Sammy get to ride baby while Crowley & Dean go sing songs in the woods together. Mainly Crowley singing to irritate Dean. Crowley says Dean is becoming more predictable after all these years and Crowley seems to gave gone soft ( i just think he cares a tad more for them, since basically there the only family he has). All so very true, i miss them working together to be fairly honest. Guess what though, the Hellhound isn’t in it’s warm den…so where the hell is it?!

While sam drives further away where he dropped of Dean & Crowley. The girl in the car basically has a break down/panic attack about how she should’ve been honest to her lover before he died. These words hit Sam in the face for he is lying to Dean even now, he knows he needs to come clean. Nice little moment, but Ramsey waits on no one! She wants to wreck the crap out of baby to get to her prey. Sam does lose his glasses trying to fight Ramsey but is still able to stab her with the angel blade. All the cinematography for that moment, the glasses angle to see the Hellhound..that was freaking awesome! Cause in all the other episode we have never been able to see the Hellhound. Before I forget, Dean did thank Crowley in the forest for saving Cas. He said he did it to not hear the Winchester whinning. But I think he did it cause he like Cas as a companion.

In conclusion: Dean can’t let Sam drive baby ever again! Crowley got thanked a 2nd time before disappearing by Sam. Cas called Dean to inform him that Kelly Klaine was with another General of Hell aka Dagon. Dean did catch on that Cas did sound a bit odd on the phone; Melvin has convinced Cas to go back to heaven..this won’t end well. Crowley returned to find Lucy lose, now you think he’s going to whoop some ass. But he’s wrong, the chains were just for’s Lucy’s vessel that got rigged to wear Crowley can torture the crap out of him all he wants. And lastly, Sam came clean to Dean about where he was getting the missions from. Dean isn’t happy about it, but he knows he won’t be happy about a lot of things. He warned Sam though, once something goes wrong or something doesn’t seem all that..there bailing. I just hope the Brits don’t try to kill them if they want to bail.