The Magicians (S02E07) “Plan B” Review

Quentin is being haunted by Alice. It’s tough trying to find a book in a library and look normal at the same time while your niffen ex girlfriend screams obscenities in your face. Alice wants to be free but Quentin wants to help her get back into human form. Seeing that Quentin won’t budge, Alice decides to give up… for now. Julia and Kady go about seeing to her magical abortion or exorcism. But the two ladies of the meat shop will only do the exorcism for 2 gold bars. Meanwhile Margo and Eliot find that Fillory is broke. You’d think Magicians could conjure up gold but it’s harder than it sounds. Kady and Julia decide to rob a bank, which apparently almost all banks are owned by magicians so the buildings are warded up like Fort Knox. Julia is attacked by an invisible monster which is killed by her new pet Haxon Paxon which also dies in the attempt to save Julia’s life. The invisible monster leaves behind an old wooden spoon with blood on it. Kady takes Julia to Brakebills where Dean Fogg decides to allow Julia to stay for now until her exorcism of Reynard’s rape baby. Julia shacks up at the Physical Kids’ dorm where she runs into Quentin. Despite Alice’s bitching in his ear Quentin says he intends to keep his promise to Julia to help her get Reynard (even though she never trusted him and kept screwing him over; she’s says it’s not that simple but I think actually it is! But I’ll try to keep my feelings out of this). Julia brings everyone in on a bank heist. Kady runs into Penny at the library and they have quite a happy reunion. Libraries are sexy hook up places I guess. Everyone is on the fence about helping Julia (Penny refers to her as a psychopath; I wouldn’t go that far…) but they need the money and they admit that they feel a bit bad for Julia (while still resenting her for being responsible for Alice’s “death”).


Margo goes Mission Impossible breaking down the plan they’ll need to pull off this heist. Suddenly they’re attacked by another invisible monster. Kady takes it down and goes to the meat shop owners to find that one of them has been using old magic to summon goblins (old spoons and menstrual blood; ew! Is she menstruating or did she get it from somewhere because she’s got hundreds of old spoons!) to kill Julia along with her evil fetus. So Julia has to stay behind working on an old rewind time machine (or Quarter Back) from one of Richard’s old binders while still watching the heist. With fingers they stole from the bank managers (not literally it was like copying keys, they just transformed their fingers into the bank managers’ fingers) and a swarm of bees they manipulated to infest the bank so they could sneak in posing as pest control. They deactivate the security system but it only lasts 10 minutes. Penny travels inside the vault but he can’t touch the floor because it’s warded against travelers. Using a hover pack, Penny steals a few gold bars but unfortunately he’s weighed down by the bars and touches the floor. He contacts Eliot (who is technically sleeping Fillory he’s just using his golem to be on Earth in case everyone forgot) and this is where things go pear shaped.


They get back down to the vault, distract the security guards but they can’t unlock the safe. Quentin asks Alice for help (while still trying to keep her existence a secret from the gang who would probably try to get rid of her too). Alice agrees only if Quentin allows her to take over his body once everyday for at least 30 minutes. Deciding to hash out the details of the deal later, Quentin agrees and Alice helps him unlock the safe (who knew there was so much math involved with being a magician?). They free Penny but they end up locked in the vault and trip the alarm which summons the real security, a battle magician who’s a last line of defense. Julia is actually helpful this time. She finishes the Quarter Back machine giving the gang 15 seconds back. They get 4 tries. On the last try Kady knocks out the battle magician (with a punch in the face which is the second time she’s punched an old lady) but Eliot’s golem is killed. In Fillory, Eliot’s sleeping body has a seizure. Julia is attacked by another goblin which almost kills her but she’s saved just in time. Julia passes out then wakes up in the meat shop. Kady tells her the procedure was successful but with one minor complication. What kind of complication? Maybe Julia really was a serial killer in another life (her words)…


I give this a solid A! It was nice to see the old gang back together getting into some heist hijinks. Even though Kady and Penny didn’t part on good terms they instantly reconnected. Good. At least one couple isn’t on the rocks. I’m anxious to see what happens to Eliot since in the next promo he’s in a coma. Also I wonder what the complication was with Julia’s exorcism? And I can see nothing but bad coming from Quentin’s arrangement with Alice, letting her take his body for a drive once in a while.