Powerless (S01E05) “Cold Season”

When Emily sees Teddy’s new invention, she tries to motivate him by entering him in the company’s contest. But motivation isn’t what she got out of him.

When Emily sees that Teddy has a new invention to help during the cold season (a season of when ice power super villains come around and freeze everything), she thinks that it would be a great invention to enter into the Wayne Innovation contest.

At first Teddy doesn’t think he should and bails out, but Emily pushes his buttons and gets him to improve it, but he freaks out when the popcorn bag didn’t pop all the kernels. Emily gets teased from another group of guys from another division and makes her enter Teddy’s invention. She tells him about it but only that his invention got into the finals. Full of excitement, Teddy brings his family (mother, father and successful brother who happens to be a space doctor) over to tell them about the contest, but Emily comes over with word that he lost and let’s just say Teddy doesn’t take it very well and goes crazy.

Emily tries to cheer him up by showing the invention that won (not helping at all!). They both talk it out and Emily admits that she wanted to do it for her but also to get everyone on the team spirits up. She tries to tell him that her sister is a successful one (a dog walker)  but that really didn’t help at all until the Crimson Fox shows up and protected them from Frostbite. With everything frozen expect for Emily and Teddy, he uses the heat gloves to thaw Fox out.The two made up their differences and I believe their friendship has gotten stronger as well. And also the Crimson Fox takes the gloves and ended the cold season for Charm City.

Meanwhile during the episode, Van tries to get someone to put a toy car together for a kid, because he’s dating her mother. He gets Ron to do it, even though he doesn’t and wants to have fun during cold season, but Van keeps pushing him to build the invisible plane for the girl and even asked for more. After pushing Ron’s buttons, he tells Van no more and hangs up on him. But he apologizes and after listening to Van’s story about his father and the tree house, Ron got right a way on making the blue prints thinking that it was for Van but it was for his girlfriend’s daughter.

I really enjoyed this episode, mostly watching Vanessa Hudgens and Danny Pudi is just amazing and funny. Probably the two scenes I loved the most was when Emily and Teddy tested the heat gloves on the frozen car door and with the bag of popcorn. Also the scene when they were outside thawing out Crimson Fox. The second story plot was pretty good too, it wasn’t a whole lot to grab on or remember it later on. The writing was pretty good a lot of funny moments, including the cold open was a good one about Cold Season. Overall, I give it a 8.5/10.

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