Logan Review

Logan is the ninth installment of the Xmen franchise and the final outing of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine so before going into this movie I had so many mix emotions mainly because before we had stuff like the marvel cinematic universe we had the original Xmen movies. They were the film series I grew up on along with the original SpiderMan movies with Tobey Maguire.So after watching it and processing what I saw the movie in my eyes was both a worthy sendoff but also dose have a lot of problems when it comes to there story they are telling.

The basic plot of the film is about a aging Wolverine who is no longer the mutant he once was his healing factor is no longer healing as fast as it use to and all the mutants are mostly gone now. Logan main goal at the start of the movie is to try to raise enough money being a limo driver to take care of Charles Xavier who is pretty much a shell of his former self and struggling with his seizures that make himself a danger to everyone around him if not controlled by  medication Logan  provides for him.

Things get more complicated for Logan once he has to protect this little girl who he finds out is very much like him when when he was younger. The first scene with her shows you what she capable of and boy is little girl deadly. She pretty much slaughters all the men that try to take her. From there on Logan has to learn who made this girl the way she is along with trying to get away from the people who are after her.

One of the things that make Logan stand out is how different this movie is from other Xmen movies. With each Xmen movie there is aways hope for each character to over come there struggle there dealing with no matter what the challenge is. With Logan  that hope is not so clear and you feel the threat is more real along with the danger that comes with it.

One of my biggest complaints I have with Logan in terms of the story is how vague they can be with past details dealing with the other mutants wich make the film feel like less of a Xmen movie and more just a solid Wolverine movie. The only thing you get in this movie dealing with past mutants is little details of what happen to them and rest the movie leaves up to you to decide what to make of it.I understand why they did it this way but at the same time I feel it was a little unnecessary dealing with how Days of Future Past ended for everyone.

Logan is a movie that will stay with you long after you finish watching it in theaters mainly because of the performances by Hugh Jackman,Patrick Stewert, and Dafne Keen which are really solid to watch.

overall I would give Logan a solid 3 out 5 stars and recommend you check it if your a Wolverine fan.