Sleepy Hollow (S04E10) “Insatiable”


There were some delicious hat tips to various pop culture this week. Although I found Diana’s focus on Dreyfuss right on the edge of abrasive, this gets handled in this episode. A feature of the episode was showing that the team was not very successful working individually, but far more successful when they worked as a team.

Here’s the recap:

Opening in a remote area, a helicopter delivers new recruit Helen (Kathleen Hogan), CFO of Dreyfuss’ closed corporation. She’s beginning to believe that he’s lost it, but is intrigued when he announces he has something new. Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies) says he needs a host, not necessarily the kind Helen is thinking of.  And, information about that is right through that door. Nope, door number one has a demon behind it, and Helen is heard screaming as she’s sucked into it.

At Crane’s pad, he’s having a party and is mystified at the quantity of people there (some of whom (“Shamilton”) give him very lustful looks). He doesn’t look happy at living in DC. Crane (Thomas Mison) and Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) discuss what makes Jenny happy. Jake (Jerry MacKinnon) and Alex (Rachel Melvin) arrive and Jake is actually a little mean about Alex. Alex is clearly feeling jealous of Jake’s interest in other women, perhaps in other people, likely because they’ve had a private, very close, relationship. We see Jenny also not very happy with Jake’s interest in another woman.

Diana (Janina Gavankar) meets with Assistant Secretary Stryker (Catherine Dyer) in a park. Diana explains that she has collected info, and is sure Malcolm Dreyfuss is dirty, but the Asst. Sec. is unconvinced and wants more evidence. Stryker thinks it’s personal (which it is).

5 diana and strykerpng - Sleepy Hollow (S04E10) "Insatiable"
At the Eisenhower Building, Jobe (Kamar de los Reyes) is going through a body scanner security check, and the image is amazing! Jobe tells the security to look again and his image is normal. Kids in the building notice that the Scales of Justice don’t look even. Jobe trots down to the basement and, using a really cool looking block with lit symbols, invokes a demon. A pair of guys are eating, and “Larry” is possessed. He eats his and his lunchmates food, and croaks on the table. Must have been the shrimp. According to medical folks on the scene, he starved to death.

TeamVault researches what kind of demon this could be and conclude it could be Greek Mythology. Diana is positive its Dreyfuss and she really wants to get him. (This stridency is actually pretty pronounced, and seemed out of character.) Ichabod confirms they don’t know where he is and says it’s understandable that Diana is unhappy over Dreyfuss going after Molly. (Momstinct). Jake tells the group there are “hunger” demons and amusingly references “wafer thin mints.” Great Monty Python call out.  They decide to reconnoiter Eisenhower House. Diana holds back and instructs Alex and Jake to keep digging on Dreyfuss – they aren’t happy to go behind Crane’s back.

Jenny has gone to visit an old connection, Uncle Lew, but he’s away and Donnie (Lawrence Kao) is holding down the store. When Jenny has Donnie share his inventory screen, she sees an object that Donnie says a very wealthy client wants. (Foreshadowing). And, another great pop culture reference surfaces. She asks if the customer is Dresden (Dresden Files FTW!).

At Eisenhower House, the team hears a ruckus and it’s Stryker, chowing down on a co-worker. Crane notices glowing from a vent. Back at the Vault, looking at security footage, they see Jobe with the cube and Crane remembers an encounter with Edward Reed (Tom Archdeacon). They find an article about how he and his men died of starvation. Reed had found a box with runes on it, and Crane thinks he accidentally activated it.

Alex and Jake, following Diana’s instruction, trail Dreyfuss’ assistant and clone “Ashley’s” phone to track if Dreyfuss calls. They discuss Jake having puppy dog charm.

Back in the Eisenhower House basement, Crane and Jenny find the box. Impatiently, Jenny says she was a master of Rubik’s Cube and takes the box from Crane. She’s able to solve the riddle. Diana, elsewhere, makes contact with Alex and Jake, and runs into the demon. Crane and Jenny arrive to help fight it and it strikes Jenny. They try to shoot it, and the demon falls on the box, destroying it.

Dreyfuss has located the badly wounded Headless – the special bullets fired into Headless during the battle and explosion have seriously weakened him. Dreyfuss tells Headless he’ll restore his strength and he has plans for him.

19 headlesspng - Sleepy Hollow (S04E10) "Insatiable"
At the Vault, Crane confronts Diana about her actions on Dreyfuss, and makes it clear to the whole team that secrecy is a problem and plans work better as a team. He says secret agendas will always lead them astray. Jake tells the team that his research disclosed that a descendant of Reed was a part of the Donner Party, and that they ended up at Sutter’s Mill in 1948 and blew up the cave with the monster in it. They found a vein of gold, and set off the Gold Rush. The team plans to recreate the box, using Alex’s 3D printer and supplies Jenny has, but they need gold to hold the demon, for gold leaf for the box and an injection device to destroy the demon. So, they have to scavenge the gold from cars in the junk yard where Jenny lives.

Diana and Crane discuss home and roots. The team successfully summons the demon, hits it, traps it and injects it, all working together. The team agrees that Dreyfuss always acts purposefully, and so they go back to the Eisenhower Building and see that the scales have been stolen. Crane and Jenny have a conversation about how much Crane wants Jenny to move to his building. Jenny breaks the news that she’s been offered a job. She hasn’t accepted it, yet.

22 no scalespng - Sleepy Hollow (S04E10) "Insatiable"
Malcolm waxes poetic about the light of stars, and how humans waste wishes on them and lack vision. Jobe says “You’ve killed the poetry, Malcolm.” Dreyfuss shares his vision. Logan is Pestilence, Helen is Famine, Headless is Death and they only need War. In the Vault, the team discusses the symbolism of the scales. Crane realizes that Dreyfuss seeks to raise the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Grade: B

This episode, as has been the case all season, has excellent special effects. I loved the glowing characters and the creatures who were infected by the hunger demon. While I liked the emphasis on the importance of teamwork, I thought it was a little heavy-handed and Janina Gavankar strayed very close to unpleasantly abrasive. I also did NOT like Jake making fun of Alex at the party. If anyone should be sensitive to someone making fun of other people, I think it should be him – and the writers should be aware of this. I’m surprised at how protective I feel about Alex – she was not my favorite character to be introduced this season. I thought the Donner Party tie-in was clever. I liked Jenny’s interaction with both Crane and with Donnie. Tom Mison, as always, sparkles in his interactions with other actors. He also conveyed very clearly his wistfulness and loneliness. I like the quiet competence that Jenny always shows. It’ll be interesting to see what Dreyfuss has in mind to capture War, and thus have the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Next episode: “The Way of the Gun” airs on Friday, March 17, 2017 at 9 pm on Fox