Star: (S01E11) “Saving Face”

In a moment of truce, the worn warriors, Carlotta  and Jahil look through a photo album starring Cotton. Carlotta share’s childhood stores with Jahil and the thing…along with a smooth Peruvian smile that, “got me knocked up in the first place; a joint.

At the hospital, post auto accident; Derek’s in ICU in a medically induced coma; while Alex is okay and  pregnant!  Mama Rose (Naomi Campbell) overhears and wants to make “arrangements” (The best casting of mom & daughter, evah!)  Star’s her usual, unsympathetic supporting self. Carlotta doesn’t seem surprised, although it’s inconvenient and Simone will baby sit for her

Across town, Cotton goes to Jahil’s place and they talk her surgery and her need to get out of that body! Jahil wants to be there during the procedure. They catch up on her Peruvian family history, the reason she has “good hair” and the fact she looks like his mama. No he didn’t see the family resemblance all those years ago, apparently. #drugs He admits he was high and didn’t care. Are we seeing a little growth here? He also admits to Hunter and to the very much self serving Eva herself, he’s more into her than he realized. He could be in love. This may prove to be his Waterloo and undoing. 

Later that day, Marguerite (off camera) and Cotton’s roommate, took her surgery money and moved out! She leaves a note, proclaiming the theft is an act of retaliation. She recalls Cotton told Jahil she had syphilis  (pilot episode ) “payback’s a bitch!” Cotton cries.

Paris Jackson is Rachel the social media wizard working the girls photo shoot. The girls have a 5 city tour lined up. Paris’ acting debut is nice, subtle, unassuming and she appears comfortable  She wants “Peroxide” & “Cha Cha” to pose provocatively. They do.

Hunter,  watching the girls photo shoot instead of working his football (practice)  decides Star shouldn’t go on tour. “Stay, please” He loves her. She loves him too, but won’t give up her career. Later, they go at it again (their weekly argument) He punches her, knocking her down, then vomits.☆ This boy needs some help on so many levels. 

Big Boi is back (Antwan Andre Patton) He now wants to produce the girls;  all 4 and without Jahil. Although Jahil got em to NextFest, he’ll take em to the Grammys is his sale; so choose. The original 3 choose The Grammys. Eva sits quietly. 

At the salon, the girls know they must incapacitate Jahil to void their contract.  Later, we see the police on an anonymous tip arrest Jahil as the shooter in the Otis murder.  Eva looks like the cat who swallowed the canary. 

Cotton goes to Elliot’s with an apology.  He’s with “a white bitch” She takes his checkbook, cashes a big check with fake ID received from her dad; while dressed like a man.

Next week is the finale.  It’s over, just when it’s finally worth the eye strain.

Star airs, Wednesday @ 9:00 pm. Pacific Time