The Great Indoors (S01E15) “Relationship Jack”



If you were looking for unicorn giggles and the cuddle kraken, you have come to the right place. The sickeningly sweet obsession that Jack (Joel McHale) has developed for Rachel (Maggie Lawson) proves to be troublesome for all parties involved. And when it hinders his ability to work, it can only go downhill from there.

Roland (Stephen Fry) and Eddie (Chris Williams) band together to try and put an end to “Relationship Jack”, it may seem like an endearing thing with him doting over Rachel, but I assure you it’s not. Jack’s need to put 100% into everything he does takes over, he must find a balance before Rachel get’s too overwhelmed and leaves him.

At Outdoor Limits, they are working on their biggest issue of the year, “Adventure Destination”, this is when Jack needs to be on his A-game so he can delegate and make sure the team stays focused. Instead his fixation for his relationship takes top priority, forcing the team to come up with a plan to make him come to his senses. They recruit Clark (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) for that task, and yes that is hilarious as it sounds. But when the plan backfires they are desperate to get their old Jack, back.

In Jack’s absence, Clark takes it upon himself to try and fill his shoes. Showing up to work as a “Jack” lookalike. He seems to exude this new-found confidence and an edge that wasn’t there before, which seems to drive the girls wild. This new Clark is sexy and Emma (Christine Ko) finds herself fawning over him, while Mason (Shaun Brown) responds to this new authority figure. It’s like they all stepped into the twilight zone. But it becomes increasingly clear that they cannot get anything done without Jack.

It’s time for an intervention, there is nothing wrong with being in love, just as long as you don’t lose sense of yourself and everything else around you. Eddie and Roland were able to recruit a weary Rachel who needed a breather. Through tough love and a serious talk, Jack seems to come around to the idea that he needs to find balance in his life before he loses it all.

Jack is back with a feature idea and his classic snark. It’s a relief for everyone, especially Clark who could go back to his old self. Although there is an added spark between him and Emma it seems, who knows what will come of it?

Taking advantage of the best of both worlds, Jack decides his “5 continents in 5 days” idea will happen with Rachel by his side. Did he pull a fast one of them all? Or has he really changed his way. I don’t think we want post-relationship Jack gracing our screens anytime soon, it’s not a pretty picture.


Rating: 6/10


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