The Goldbergs (S04E17) “Deadheads”

Apologies for the late review…

Review: Totally surprised when she hears Adam drop an F-bomb, Beverly starts a swear jar of which the collected money goes to the family vacation. Erica really wants to go to the Bahamas, but to make sure they will get enough money for that, she and Adam scam Beverly into swearing even more than she usually does. After a week Murray points out to Bev that she’s being played and so Beverly strikes back by creating two more jars: a baditude jar for Erica and an Adam jar for when Adam says anything nerdy. Instead of having to put money in, money from Beverly’s jar is used when Erica has a bad attitude or Adam is being a nerd. And the proceeds of the two jars of the kids go towards a trip to colonial Williamsburg, somewhere Bev has always wanted to go to. So that’s how the three get into the Jar Wars. After a while, nobody talks anymore and Murray can’t stand the rising tensions. He tells them that they should stop the wars because they are who they are and don’t have to pay money for that: Beverly swears because she cares and the kids’ awfulness is just part of them.

Meanwhile, the JTP has a disagreement on whether or not they should accept Matt Bradley, the school’s Deadhead, into the group. All are in favor, except Barry, but to make it fair, Barry agrees to let Matt take the membership test. Against all expectations, Matt aces the test and Barry can’t stop him from becoming a member. Barry realizes that he has lost all his power when Matt suggests to go to the Grateful Dead concert and everyone but Barry agrees. Barry tries to sabotage the concert and when the rest of the JTP find out his plan, they kick him out for his selfish behavior. Barry fails creating a new group so he decides to apologize to the JTP. They take Barry back and from that point on the JTP has five members.

The returning (Bev) bombs every week are one of my favorite things of the show, so an episode dedicated to it, is pretty fucking awesome. Not only was it great to see the kids trying to get Beverly to swear more, the montage of Beverly swearing was just perfect. Adding two more jars made for a great storyline with the Jar Wars and some hilarious lines.

I also really loved Barry’s storyline. It was great to see all the focus on the JTP and their new member Matt Bradley. I think he’s a great addition to the show and I love it that the character was based on a real guy. I think that’s one of the strong parts of this show. Sometimes the plots may be ridiculous, but parts of it come from real life experiences, which makes the stories feel more realistic.

A new episode of The Goldbergs airs 3/15 at 8/7c on ABC.

Rating: 9.5/10

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