Chicago Med (S02E16): “Prisoner’s Dilemma”

This episode of Chicago Med was very heartwarming, but complex for different families.

Dr. Manning works hard to prove that her patient, who supposedly has been in a coma for five years, is conscious. While all odds are against her case, she and another doctor manage to prove their patient was in ‘Lock In’ syndrome – trapped inside her body for the entire five years. I found this storyline to be very interesting, and I am curious to see if it will continue in any way in more episodes. I assume it will not, based on Chicago Med‘s history, but it would be nice to see what actually happens with the pregnancy.

Similarly, the writers have set up and sticky situation for three doctors at Med, all of whom lied to help a patient avoid jail. It is nice to see story arcs being prepared to continue throughout the season, as these type of shows lack that fluidity sometimes. April is in a vulnerable place right now, so I hope she doesn’t get her and her colleagues in too much trouble.

Overall, this was an interesting episode, but the storylines all seem a little unfinished by the end of the episode. It would be ideal to revisit the patients in future episodes for a fully satisfying ending to their stories.

Rating: B +