Once Upon A Time: (S06E11) “Tougher Than The Rest”


The series came back for the second half of the season with the same people but with different characters. I enjoyed watching them being different. I wonder if all of them wished to be like what they are in the Wish Realm.

The episode was dedicated to the birth and introduction of Gideon, Rumple’s and Belle’s son, and his battle with Emma for him to become the savior. Thanks to Pinocchio and his line, “Believe hard enough in something and you can change your fate”, Emma believed in herself and she didn’t die compared to what she saw on her visions. We were able to see another bits from Emma’s past when she was still a kid and struggling from foster homes. I’m so glad to know the history of Emma’s surname, Swan. It turned out to be from the story, “The Ugly Duckling”.

Gideon was raised by the Black Fairy in a different world and came to Storybrooke because of David’s wish for the Evil Queen to get what she deserves, as what he said. I’m sure the second half will tackle Gideon’s story and how the Black Fairy raised him. Moreover, this will be a struggle of Rumple building a relationship with his son, will he stop him from killing Emma or aid him?

The journey and adventures of Regina and Robin was so highlighted that made a lot of impact for this episode. Regina longed for Robin so much that she can’t let go without her questions being answered. In the end, she was able to bring him back with her to Storybrooke. Also, I’m so happy that Robin was the one who gave the lost lucky feather to Regina, a gift from Roland for Regina. I just hope that he will be back for good because he can if the writers will permit. Pixie dust never lies.

My favorite quote from this episode, “If you believe strongly enough in something, you can change your fate”. This is so important in real life. Hope. Believe. Faith.