Once Upon A Time (S06E12) “Murder Most Foul”


The second episode from the second half of the season mainly focused on two things. One was about David dealing with his father’s death and second, about Regina knowing more of the Robin from the Wish Realm.

All of David’s life, he knew that his father died because he was a drunk and it caused him to die. He was being haunted by his father through the lucky coin to encourage him to know the truth. The story focused on how his father tried to fix his family when he saved his twin brother from the Pleasure Island to take him home to him and his mother. His father was able to save James but in time for the King Robert to saw them and get James back and ordered his guards to kill him. Plot twist to the story was it was not the kings guard that killed his father. It was Captain Hook. Killian asked for David’s blessing to marry Emma but after David’s blessing, Pinocchio gave a page to the story to Killian to give to David and it revealed eventually the truth about David’s father death. With this knowledge, I don’t know if Killian tell the truth about what really happened to David’s father, or keep it and go on with his proposal.

Don’t get me started as to how heartbreaking the storyline of Regina and Robin from the episode. It begun with Regina being all domestic and protective of Robin and Snow being all worried with the set-up, Regina too. It was fine, good and Regina even brought Robin to the “vault” (season 3, vault, ring a bell?) and they even shared a kiss that ended weirdly for Regina. Approaching to the end of the episode, Regina admitted that it was not her Robin. My heart broke to million pieces. I thought Regina will eventually have her happy ending. She showed growth by believing that there’s something in Robin with her Robin.

From the previous episode, Robin said that he’s just a thief that steals from the rich to make himself rich. True enough, he stole Regina’s “powerful” box and we’ll see from the next episodes what it does. Snow and Regina tried to figure out what’s Robin’s purpose, why he was able to pass through the portal? Part of me believes that he may be there for the evil queen but we’ll see.