Chicago Justice (S01E04): “Judge Not”

“Judge Not” went beyond the cases at hand and took the first step to personalize the characters.

I feel like this episode was all over the place. Maybe that’s the side effect of being a show based upon the justice system. In PD, we see the criminals chased down, but in this, we only get a quick glimpse at the topics at hand. The characters are forced to find evidence and put it on trial in the same 42 minutes.

I want to like these characters and feel invested, but I don’t have those connections yet. There are so many secrets with Anna’s relationship with the Judge that its hard to understand who is right. I get wanting the suspense of that, but with no basis of who these characters are, the suspense lacks in effect.

In the end, I loved the confession scene. It was a clever idea to bring in the newly engaged couple. And Anna’s final monologue was powerful.

Overall Rating: B-