Family Guy: (S15E15) “Cop and a Half-wit”

At the Drunken Clam, “The Terminator” is showing.  Immediately on the Seth Carpet is, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  As The Terminator, he needs to save lives in the future by having sex with a housekeeper and make a big faced boy!  He shows up later in the episode as well, looking for another housekeeper!  Meanwhile the real story is about Peter and Joe and…Stewie of course.

Joe takes Peter to work when his car won’t start. On the way, there’s a call out to all cars for a drug bust.  They’re close, yet Joe wants to ignore it, Peter insists, they arrive. Joe wants to wait for back up, but Peter grabs his gun and runs in like “Big, Bad Cop” He kicks in the door, and yells, “reach for the stars!” It was a good day for crime fighting!  However, Swanson takes credit & starts to use Peter in a “silent partner” kinda way. He’s come a long way from being in charge of the Gerbil, shelf paper and other meaningless desk work. Crime is down 75% and he likes it! 

Joe eventually gets an award from Mayor West for outstanding police work. Peter’s jealous when it’s believed Joe’s efforts are solo. Their “relationship” suffers when he threatens to tell; unless Joe gives him “perks” Joe complies. He’s allowed to shop in Joe’s home with a supermarket cart for 1 minute.

It’s not revealed how Joe lost his street cred and is regulated to desk duty; yet he regains his  self confidence and Peter’s respect when he comes to the rescue of Peter in their final mission. He kicks ass…solo! 

Meanwhile at the Supermarket, Stewie’s mistaken for a lil’girl, while shopping with Lois. Still unable to embrace his femininity; in a way we’ve come to know and love, he decides to “be a man” by playing football.  He shows up in a number 96, Michael Sam jersey.  He feels men with 2 masculine names are…manly! Yet au contraire, declare Brian and Chris. They proceed to rattle off: George Michael, Elton John, Barney Frank, Ricky Martin and…hell, what’s in a name, eh? The roses are still sweet! 

On the field, in his 1st play, Stewie’s  promptly tackled  and finds himself in the hospital. He’s giving up on “being a man” But the coach arrives at his hospital bedside, gives him props for his strength on the field and lil’ Stewie feels better.  Oh and there was a Meg sighting!

Family Guy taps into the consciousness and the “whas up” of society; any show can give you the state of affairs within this country.  So whatever you’re thinking this episode is about, your sense of “yay” ‘nay” , thumbs up, down or the number of rotten tomatoes on the meter is acceptable.

New episodes of Family Guy, usually air, Sundays nights at 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time