Last Man On Earth (S03E11) “The Spirit of St. Lewis”

Review: After last week’s episode focusing on Pamela, we’re back with the gang this week. They still have Melissa locked up in a room for her own and everybody else’s safety. Her state of mind hasn’t changed much and the gang tries to talk to her, but all they get back are insults. Without somebody with any medical experience in the group, it’s hard to find the right treatment for her. Realizing that they might never find a solution, even the always positive Todd gets discouraged about the future of the gang. And his questions are justified. What will happen with Melissa? What if there are any complications with the pregnancies of Carol and Erica? What happened with Gail? We will have to wait and see to find out.

But the real story of this episode is about Lewis. In the first half of the season we have seen him practice flying in a simulator and he is able to fly an airplane now. However he’s scared to go out there and take a real flight. Tandy pushes him to go for it and Lewis agrees that he’s ready. The group toasts on Lewis the evening before his first short flight and when it’s time to go, they are all cheering him on. It seems like his test flight is the only sparkle of hope the gang still has for a better future. Their happiness soon turns into sadness when Lewis crashes and dies right after he takes off.

After Lewis’ funeral, Tandy has a heart to heart talk with God in church. He wants to find a way to honor Lewis and while he tries his best to keep everybody’s spirits up, the group is depressed and worried about their future.

Life and death have always been close together on the Last Man On Earth. Lewis’ death scene was the perfect example of that. The euphoria of the moments before the flight quickly turn into grief, but while we see the group’s sadness, the writers still squeeze in some great jokes, which makes this episode feel light even though the discussed topics are difficult. I think that’s one of the key points and strong suits of the show: the outlook might be dark for the people who are still alive, but as long as you stay positive, it will all be fine.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the gang will hold up in the next couple of weeks and if Tandy will be able to lift their spirits in some way. I thought this episode made some great points about the future of the group, like I mentioned before. How are they going to survive when there are so many things that could go wrong? For now my only hope is Gail, who, as we see at the end of the episode might still be alive.

Rating: 9/10