This Is Us (S01E18) “Moonshadow” Season Finale

Well, after going through a box and a half of Kleenexes, last night’s season finale  was one hell of an emotional ride.

In the episode, we picked up where we left off from last week, Jack is driving up to see Rebecca’s show. Driving and drinking, we think that somehow he might get into an accident, but he doesn’t and makes it to the show. When he gets there, he waits for her and orders drink after drink until he gets going and finds her in her dressing room. When she wasn’t there in her room, he asked Ben where she was at and soon Ben apologizes to Jack for trying to kiss her, for which is why she wasn’t in her room.

Jack punches Ben and soon Rebecca shows up and leaves the band to take Jack back home. We see flashbacks of them in 1972, where Jack is trying to make his big shot: trying to open a automatic shop and get out of his dad’s house. He gets his friend to get them into a poker game, Jack makes a lot but quickly looses it. For Rebecca she awaits for a letter in the mail to see if she would get a record deal but also her friends tell her that she should think of getting into a relationship. After getting a rejection letter, she calls and is set up with a guy, we think is Jack, but it really wasn’t as it was some Wall Street guy.

Meanwhile, Jack comes up with one plan to get the money: stealing from the bar. As Jack awaits for that decoy phone call from his friend to distract the bartender, he also has a date too, thinking that it was Rebecca but it wasn’t as well. As the bartender answered the phone, Jack grabs the money and makes a run at it but is stopped by someone performing on stage…Rebecca.

As Rebecca drives Jack home, things were very quiet and tense. You don’t have to have music playing during the scenes when they were in the car or when they are at home. Jack apologizes to Rebecca about it and he will get help, but for Rebecca Jack doesn’t have a drinking problem, but more of that he doesn’t want her to have a career and soon the flood gates just busted open with feeling of anger and sadness. After they argued, Rebecca went to bed and the next day she didn’t find Jack on the floor in the hall of their bedroom but on the couch and she tells him that he should stay with Miguel for a while til things blow over.

As soon as Jack is packed, he tells her the reason why he fell in love with her that with everything that he had gone through, she was the big break that he was hoping for and along with that he tells her how their kids won’t be hurt from the separation, they’ll do great things and we learn in the present time: Kate decides to become a singer, Kevin says goodbye to Sophia as he heads off to meet with Ron Howard for a film and Randall looks through a photo album and tells Beth that he wants to adopt a child.

“Moonshadow” was another home run of an episode but also probably the best season ender that I could remember. My emotions were running sky high. It really showed the highs and the real real low points for our favorite TV couple.  For the first time watching Jack and Rebecca arguing at each other was one of the most powerful scene in the episode as it both emotional but the first time we see them go the distance in their fight. Hands down give Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore and Emmy for their performance in this episode. They really brought it in this episode. The writing was so amazing and rich. Overall, I give this episode a 10/10.

This Season: This Is Us has really been literally the best new series and the best show of this season. This show really brings a new way of family comedy-drama in a different way that we haven’t seen before. The writing was so so strong from almost every episodes but mostly memorable ones like: Pilot, The Game Plan, Pilgrim Rick, The Trip, Last Christmas, The Big Day, Memphis and also Moonshadow. The performances from Ventimiglia, Moore, Chrissy Metz, Justin Hartley, Sterling K. Brown, Susan Kelechi Watson, Chris Sullivan and Ron Cephas Jones magnificent and sensational. This show should take away a lot of nominations at the Emmys this year. Overall this season has been a 9.5/10.

What did you think of last night’s season finale? What did you think of this series after this season? Leave a comment!

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