Imposters (S01E06) “The Maddie Code”


Birthday parties are the worst. Especially if it’s a pretend birthday and thrown by the guy you actually like but now have to con. Maddie’s life isn’t easy. But the great thing of celebrating different pretend birthdays is the gathering of your close friends and family. Not so great when three of you exes appear.

If you remember, last week episode ended on a high note: Ezra, Richard, and Jules finally confronted Maddie (Ava, Alice or Cee Cee). This episode starts at that point. The three want answers but Maddie can’t give them any. Not even their money back. The only thing she can assure them is that they were easy prey (#burn).

Now that they’ve come this far to know the truth they must apply what they’ve learned in this journey. So, each one follows Maddie, Patrick and Patrick’s sister, just to discover there’s a birthday party. What can an imposter do? The answer:  crash that party. On a funny note, the three have a chat group. Wonder if the name is ‘the fooled ones’?

A party without a surprise and a couple of drunks isn’t a party. Although Patrick shows how much money he has by lighting the sky with fireworks for Maddie, it is Ezra, Jules, and Richard that shock her. Ezra told Patrick that he was Saffron’s brother, Jules was his girlfriend and Richard… just a bartender.

The Maddie Code is put to test. While an imposter has the ability to manage the truth, can he handle it? The entire reason for the pursuit is so near but far away. Yes, Ezra dances with Maddie but doesn’t fall for her. And Richard asks for closure and puts Maddie in a blond wig while he ‘ends’ the relationship. While Jules is part of the drunk ones that want to spill her guts. With that, the party is over.

They couldn’t break Maddie because Max made an appearance and reminded them he knows the deepest secrets that could harm them (remember the envelope?) and by continuing with their mission they could end up dead.

The episode finish with Ezra getting a bad news and leaving while Richard discovered that Patrick isn’t what he appears.

Wait, no Lenny in this episode? Bummer.

Quotes from the episode:

“You found me, congratulations”
“Saffron, what kind of name is that?”
“You just throw your heart around like it’s nothing”
“You came here to chase a phantom”
“We’re all con artists in our own way”