Legion (S01E06) “Chapter 6”



Before we get started, can I just say how happy I am that Legion has been renewed for a second season? It not only captivates the mind it also screws with it, makes you question everything that is going on. Even if something seems to fit with the story, we often find that it had a more sinister intent, it leaves you questioning your sanity through every episode. The latest episode went above and beyond that point, it’s a lovely mental spiral.

We are welcomed by each character going to a private session with Lenny (Aubry Plaza), talking about why they are stuck there in Clockwork. She keeps explaining away the things they think and feel that are beginning to pull them back to the real world, instead of the figment they are currently trapped in. Syd (Rachel Keller), seems to be the one who is picking up on more inconsistence’s than the others. The door that is there, but not really, with the embodied voices and drumming that come from beyond it. Something doesn’t feel right and she just can’t seem to figure out what is out of place. She is so close to the truth, which means she is in imminent danger.

David (Dan Stevens), seems to be settling well into the grind of a mental institution again. He is feeling balanced and in control of his life for once and with this he finds comfort. For once in his life the world is making sense to him and he doesn’t want to lose that feeling. Even when Syd approaches him with her concerns about feeling as though things aren’t “real”, he brushes it off, trying to convince himself and her that they are better off tucked away from the world.

The one thing that seems to be pulling all the characters together are their dreams. In them they are just beyond the reach of figuring out the truth. It is so close, they can almost touch it. In fact, one of them does, Cary (Bill Irwin), awakens to find an orb made of ice hovering above his bed. It beckons to him, and when he touches it he is transported to a serene forest, that’s where he comes face to face with the man in the diving suit, who we know as Oliver. Cary is released from the confines of David’s mind prison and disappears with Oliver.

Meanwhile Kerry (Amber Midthunder) is being stalked by “The Eye” (Mackenzie Gray), he seems to be fixated on her for some reason. It is unsettling to watch that unfold, even though she is a fighter, without Cary she is scared and venerable.

Each character is dealing with their own person hell. Ptonomy (Jeremie Harris) keeps reliving the nightmare of his mother’s death, because he has such keen senses when it comes to recall and memory it is vivid and heartbreaking all at the same time. To never forget a thing would be a burden and a gift. Melanie (Jean Smart) is convinced that her husband is coming back to her, that he is still alive and she is found feeding an invisible force at meal time and talking to something that isn’t there. If they only knew the truth, bit by bit they are getting there.

One by one things start to unravel. Especially when David discovers why Syd thinks he is in there for. Not because of his manic depression, but because of the voices and psychotic breaks he keeps having. There are holes in the stories he has been told, and it has left him questioning this reality and yet something is holding him back. It’s only when he runs into his sister Amy (Katie Aselton), who is also a nurse at the facility, that he starts to breakdown. Especially when she makes the comment that he is unwanted.

Melanie not only hears Oliver in her mind, she also sees him. She can push through the confines of the institution and break through into the real world. A slow-motion scene is set before her, with bullets headed straight for Syd and David. She is the only one who can save them, but that is proving to be more of a challenge than she thought. That scene is left on a cliff-hanger, as we realize that they are all running out of time now. It’s only a matter of time when reality will crack wide open and the real world will seep in again.

Syd finds herself walking down the hallway, trying to shake off the unsettling moment she had with David earlier. The wall seems to be pulsating beside her. Any sane person would step away and not poke the unknown, but not Syd. When she pokes the wall, it begins to bleed, and that’s when all her memories come back to her. Including the dead body of Lenny stuck in the wall. Before she can react, Lenny is there with a sweet lullaby. It puts Syd in a deep slumber. Problem solved.

David, is on the search for Syd, who seems to have disappeared. He seeks out Lenny to help him find her. That’s when Lenny’s true intentions start poking through. She is bored with this game to keep him comfortable and is ready to have some fun. She reveals to him that she is a parasite that has been with him since birth, and when she found out about his powers instead of killing him off she decided to keep him around. Together they would give god a run for his money. She just needs his body, not his mind. That’s when the Yellow Eyed Devil shows himself. It all makes sense now, especially when he says that he knows David’s real father, and he couldn’t hide David from him for long. It makes us want to know more about this area of his life, but today is not the day for answers.

David is expelled from the comforts of the facility and locked in darkness. Trapped in a box, screams filling the around him. He is alone now, and this is just the beginning. Now that he knows that there is something trying to fight for control of his body, will he have the strength to fight back? Only time will tell now.

As our minds wrap around these new developments, we are transported back to a sleeping Syd. She is abruptly woken by a figure in a diving suit over her bed. Opening the helmet, the face of Cary is revealed. It leaves you with even more questions.

There are so many things going on in this one episode. If you look away, you can miss a lot. That’s one of the things I like so much about this show, it keeps you on the edge of your seat because you can never quite figure out what is going to happen next. There are only two episodes left in the season, and I’m not sure how much more my mind can take, but it has been one hell of a ride so far.

Oh, and before I leave you. How trippy was that Dance “Montage” that Lenny did? All the misery and desolation from David’s past has been one long running and cruel joke. The intentions of Lenny/The Devil With the Yellow Eyes really come to the surface.


Rating: 8.5/10


Legion airs on FX every Wednesday at 10PM/ET