NCIS NOLA: (S03E17) “Swift, Silent; Deadly”

Marine Staff Sergeant John Brossette (Cedric Sanders) enters a bar, stops a pool game and after asking “Is that your blue van?” takes out 6 men. He kills one, hospitalizes 3 and 2 run. Now he’s on the loose.  I guess they didn’t answer fast enough, eh? “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!”

 The team is called in to apprehend the marine.  He and his wife are originally from Haiti. She works with immigrants in the forgotten by the system neighborhood of Clearwater. He keeps the neighborhood safe and does what the cops and bureaucracy won’t do.  Now they are both missing.

Brossette is tracked to a pawn shop where he has Vadim Resnick,(Michael Filipowich) the owner, by the throat. He takes the entire team down when Gregorio attempts to cuff him. Resnick runs. Brossette jumps thru the window and gets away.  As the team arises from the broken glass and picks away the pieces in their hair and skin, they realized he took them out just enough  to get away. “Who is this guy?!” Swift, Skilled, Silent and Deadly.

Later we find this is a case of Bulgarian organized crime and human trafficking.  Brossette’s wife is missing, taken from the Clearwater neighborhood by mistake. They must find the ship and release the cargo before it gets away, lost forever.

The Mayor’s calling, (Steven Weber) Pride’s not answering. So he appoints JAG and ADA Rita Deveraux (Chelsea Field) to take care of the loose marine case.  Tempers flare, the mayor threatens. Pride “understands”  and falls away.  The Mayor’s spiteful; or is he? It may be just  “strictly business” as the Clearwater neighborhood fine particulars and details come to surface throughout the investigation.

The episode pretty much wraps up when Pride,  fully aware there are sharks in the Gulf, throws an arrogant trafficking suspect, Micha Draganov (Gil Darnell) overboard for…motivation. It works & he releases the name of the ship with the human cargo.

Patton & Percy are back…at the same time!  Sebastian is wearing too much cologne and it’s nauseating enough to make the team sick and hold their noses. And Pride kissed a girl at show’s end; Rita and he liked it.  Although I don’t sense this pairing is a good match (as previously stated), I’ll leave it alone. I found out in real life they’re spouses, married to each other!  Maybe this is the sense of mismatch that I …sense. Yet they obviously have something in common off camera.  So “let it be” 

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