NCIS NOLA: (S03E18) “Slay the Dragon”

…And then as Pride is kissing Rita at episode 17 close; the camera pans the city lights and we’re in for another NCIS N’Awlins episode, back to back and not a part 2! 

From the Human Trafficking story, comes the episode that is clearly Gregorio centric. It is the obvious intent to further endear Gregorio to the canvas. I’m sure it does for many. This backstory, light, was a good start. It brings her closer to likability  anyway.

Gregorio goes home to bathe & rest after taking a rain check to go out and boogie with “Purce” (Percy) who is now fond of her it seems. Her hubby (ex) Ethan McKinley (Ed Quinn) is there and the reason she was skittish in N’Awlins when she first arrived is hinted. He claims to be a marked man. Although he was in Witness Protection he’s out, running and needs her help.  His ex mama in law told him where to find her, by the way. He’s goofy, sly, slick & cannot be trusted.

 As the story goes, Ethan conned the city out of $80 million in Hurricane Katrina relief/FEMA funds. He turned witness against the crime boss he was working with and went into hiding.  He claims he came out of  it to…here I get a little confused; yet it involved the son of the now deceased crime boss, retrieving the money and making a clean getaway, is the gist.  However, Alex, the younger son of the Aufiero crime family, father’s favorite and heir to these ill gotten gains,  is killed.  He’s a decorated Naval Officer who no doubt planned to return the money to the city, as it’s the honorable thing to do. He’s shot 3 times in the chest; killed before he’s able to complete this mission. Ethan is the primary suspect of NCIS and target for the family Aufiero, who simply want him to “show me the money” It’s very convoluted and again, an obvious attempt to endear Gregorio; in my humble opinion.

So the bottom line: the  $$$80 million FEMA funds stolen 10 yrs ago, is in an offshore account under Alex’s name. To access the account, Alex’s eye scan and fingerprint is needed.  Yet Alex is dead.  In a further twist, where this is no problem; Ethan had set it up 10 years ago, where his eyes and his fingerprints were used as identity for access. He’ll provide the needed body parts @ no charge …right?!  He’ll transfer the money to an account accessible to the government and  when the Aufiero brothers try to kill him, they’ll be arrested.  

And so they gambled on his honesty and his “do the right thing” You can figure what happened without reading more or seeing the episode.  Yet do so anyway. It was good in a way that makes you want to see it again, just to be clear on what was playing! 

And for those who do not like Gregorio; maybe this Ethan tale opens the door. It’s peppered with just enough insight to begin peeling away the layers of this very special agent and what makes her…Gregorio!

NCIS usually airs, Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time