Star: (S01E12) “Showtime” Finale

Star’s in the bathroom at the salon,  tryna cover up that Hunter bruise on her forehead. Hunter posted Jahil’s bail & he’s out. Eva shows up at the jailhouse, conniving. When at home, she calls him a stupid ass & laughs wickedly at him behind his back. Jahil was crushed to think she snitched, causing his lock up & void of his Big Trouble contract. Bratt was excellent in the show of his devastation, complete with breaking voice. He believed in her.

Jahil finds Hunter on his steps. He’s cryin. He loves Star & he’s sorry he punches her….like his old man did his mama. Chad J Buchanan is very good here. His confusion and mental illness is convincing.  It has been throughout the season.

Then Arlene, Hunter’s mama & Jahil’s Shylock, calls him to say “they know, you set those girls free & they’re coming for you!” She laughs in the face of who she thinks is a dead man! How’d they know? Feels like an Eva move.

Alexandra is contemplating what to do about the baby.  Derek makes her smile, successfully hiding his situation. Derek & Alexandra are always gold!  He loves her, she loves him & I love them! They’re having a baby!

Carlotta figures out Mrs Leecan killed Otis!  She recognized the appearance of spousal abuse. I sensed this actually & may have recorded it somewhere in these Star blogs. Carlotta records the confession, setting Jahil free.

It’s showtime. Star goes to pick up her hoodie for the performance from Hunter’s with a crowbar; prepared. The violence from all concerned here was unsettling & sick; not in a good way “sick” Especially the act on Hunter’s hand. He was unconscious during her retaliation  Just sayin… 

Carlotta ain’t pleased the girls dissed Jahil for Big Boi. #disloyal #disrespect. Yet in a “turn around is fair play”  Big Boi drops Big Trouble to go solo with Eva. He likes the Latin vibe it’s “whas up” now. Plus Alex is preggers, so he really ain’t interested. Who told?  The 3 girls are on their own.

In another truce moment,  Carlotta washes Jahil’s  greasy hair, before they join their daughter @ the hospital for her reassignment surgery. I can’t tell if the surgery was complete, when Cotton awakens asking, “mama am I a girl?” She’s in handcuffs. “Arnold Brown” is under arrest for grand larceny.

R&B artist & MC Monica introduces Big Trouble. In a leotard & boots that look like they hurt their feet, they won Nextfest! Predictable.  They’ve sang better and with stronger material in my humble opinion. And this was not a championship showing. If I had to choose between this and a sammich…(Berry Gordy voice)

Eva’s at home. Hunter arrives  looking for Jahil, crying and in pain. She entices a very drunk & disturbed Hunter into bed. They’re doing the nasty when a shadowed figure enters the bedroom. Later, Jahil returns home to find their bodies in his bed, riddled with bullets. He cries.

It’s the end of the first season “Yay!”  Check Fox local listings for the 2nd season return date. It’s  worth the eye strain!