The Magicians (S02E08) “Word As Bond” Review

Julia’s shade or soul was knicked or cut out during the exorcism. Julia seems fine but Kady and Quentin aren’t so sure. She’s too giddy and ready to wreak havoc: finding Dana and Reynard’s baby and use him to banish Reynard. Too bad Martin’s dead or else the two of them would have had a fun time. Eliot is in a coma with his mind trapped in his golem leaving Margo to run the kingdom however, nothing can be done without the High King’s approval. So much for female empowerment. Quentin makes a deal with Niffin Alice to walk around in his body for 30 minutes a day by working on a “Word As Bond” spell. Quentin immediately regrets it when he starts waking up in different places. He first wakes up in the library where he sees Alice had been researching a priest that was practicing magic but niffined out. Reynard finds Julia and threatens her but Quentin takes her to Fillory out of Reynard’s reach. Julia isn’t down to hang in Fillory but she’ll stay… for now. Margo is dealing with an environmental crisis: talking trees allied with Loria that hate Fillory. Margo and Julia go to the Talking Forest to meet with a handsome Dryad (who unfortunately is a misogynist). He won’t negotiate for peace but the gears in Julia’s twisted mind start to turn. Uh Oh.


Penny starts to suspect something might be up with Quentin when one moment he can read his mind then the next not (because Quentin’s not that great with mind wards). But Quentin uses Niffin Alice’s idea to find Dana’s baby using Time Sight. Then Niffin Alice drags Quentin to a park where she meets a child eating wrangler monster who knows where she may find the niffin priest. Quentin wakes up to see a dead girl (the wrangler’s bait to lure children). He’s really starting to regret his decision of letting Alice drive his body. Julia captures Loria’s spell castor (the guy who made Margo and Eliot’s castle invisible) and bargains with him. In exchange for not putting him in jail she wants him to give her a ring that makes her invisible to Reynard. After getting the ring, Julia gives the Dryad a special box… that blows up half the Talking Forest! Quentin, Penny, and Kady go to the hospital where Dana gave up her baby looking through some enchanted kid’s toy. Unfortunately Dana took extra precautions so they can’t see the face of the man who adopted her baby. Dead end. Kady tells Penny off trying to chase him away as she’s feeling pretty crappy right now and she’s a screw up. The couples on this show are so dysfunctional. Speaking of which, Quentin wakes up in Dublin, Ireland. Niffin Alice begs him not to go back to where she took him but he does… and it’s exactly what she wanted. Niffin Alice found the church the priest niffined out 600 years ago and set up the summoning spell that Quentin unwittingly activated.


The Niffin Priest appears but Quentin can’t box him up… whoops! This niffin will be harder to catch and Niffin Alice wants him to help her get out of Quentin’s back tattoo. Of course the Niffin Priest laughs in her face. He tells her to figure a way out herself THEN they’ll talk about what he can teach her. Niffin Alice is furious at Quentin whose nose starts bleeding. He can’t hold a niffin in for much longer or it will kill them both. Margo freaks out on Julia for blowing up the Talking Forest. The other trees in Fillory are furious that the endangered talking trees were mostly destroyed. Julia says that she did it to help Margo and also herself. Margo actually admires Julia in a sick way right now but she won’t tolerate treason. Margo throws Julia into the dungeons instead of banishment (which was what Julia wanted). The court magicians try to wake Eliot up but magic has been on the fritz lately. Just when Margo and Fen were losing hope Eliot rejoins the living. The High King is back! Penny confronts Kady about her crap. He confesses that he loves her and he’s not going anywhere. Quentin shows up and Penny had just about enough of his secrecy. Quentin asks him why he cares then Kady says they’re the closest things he has to friends then promptly knocks him out. Penny incepts Quentin’s mind only to find Niffin Alice who tries to kill Penny. Penny gets out just in time. Guess they’ll have to perform another exorcism.


A-! Not a strong episode but solid nonetheless. I knew Julia would do something that would make me hate her again. Truthfully without her shade Julia’s pretty much the same selfish person only this time she lacks any form of empathy for everyone. I would love it if Margo got her hands on Ember and made him rewrite the dumb rules that only a High King could make decisions. If Margo can declare a war she can certainly finish one. Quentin is such a poor soul. He’s holding onto Alice even when she’s not really Alice anymore. I’m glad Penny and Kady figured out his secret because he’s falling apart. Thankfully Eliot’s back too I’m not ready to lose anymore characters!