Sleepy Hollow (S04E11) “The Way of the Gun”


Well… this episode certainly had a MAJOR plot twist. Viewers knew that Malcolm was strong. Really strong. But, it appears that the viewers might have underestimated just how strong Malcolm really is. Dreyfuss’ objective is to raise the four horsemen of the apocalypse to fundamentally alter the future into one that he controls entirely.  His power really alters the story line. One lovely side aspect of this episode is Thomas Mison’s flair for the theater. He is a professionally trained actor and it shows (not that the other cast members are not, but Tom’s clear love for treading the boards is evident).

The reviewcap begins here:

Crane (Thomas Mison) and Diana (Janina Gavankar) are watching Molly’s (Oona Yaffe) school play about the Revolution and Crane is having none of this stolid “sit quietly and watch kids perform” style. He remembers the theater experience quite differently. And, shows off his skills. Cleverly, Diana asks him if he’s sure he wasn’t an actor. A young woman walks by and Diana says she feels as if someone walked over her grave. Crane notes that might have actually happened to him. Twice.

Jobe (Kamar de los Reyes) is happy to see that Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies) is dressed better. Dreyfuss is happy with the progress made by Jobe, so they decide to go out for a steak. Back in the Vault, the team is checking on the status of locating Dreyfuss and monitoring his activities. They are able to see him through the camera on his laptop. They note that he’s not acting like someone who wants to destroy the world. They decide that maybe Dreyfuss’ intention is to reforge the world. Jake (Jerry MacKinnon) remembers that he’s seen the symbol Dreyfuss is painting and he shows the team, explaining its significance. We see the young lady from the play trot down the stairs unobserved (hmm, where is their security?). Crane remembers a fanatical group called the Arma Mutata, who sought to raise them by bonding to human hosts. They put together that Dreyfuss has found and charged various totem. The woman grabs a book. The proximity alarm sets off as the young woman leaves. They see her and the book. Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) finds her and they fight. They are a pretty even match. Jenny sees a tattoo on the girl’s arm. The tattoo matches the Arma Mutata logo. Jake identifies the missing book which had to do with troop movements. Although Jake doesn’t have an eidetic memory, he has put a LOT of effort into memorization using mnemonic techniques. Crane remembers something not recorded in the book, and Diana asks if there was a part of the war he wasn’t involved in. Taking it seriously, he says the treaty of Paris and most naval encounters, because his sea legs were a trifle shaky

He notes there was a box which was Benjamin Banneker’s (Edwin Hodge), and this fell between encounters with Banneker. Bannaker had warned that the object should be safeguarded, because it is very, very dangerous. Even Bannaker noticed Crane’s acting chops. Bannaker’s place is burned to the ground. But Bannaker notes that his dreams and achievements are carried within him.

Crane and Diana go to Bannaker’s old place and are shocked to see it rebuilt. They go in and find out that it is a restaurant rebuilt by a woman and her business partner, who also live in the building, and while Diana attempts to impress with her agent credentials, the owner says Michelle Obama was just there the prior week. Diana wilts. Crane and Diana slip into the barn.

Jenny has a conversation with Donnie Lu (Lawrence Kao) about setting up her team. She wants to know how much time she has and he says some, but it’s not unlimited.
9 jenny and her friendpng - Sleepy Hollow (S04E11) "The Way of the Gun"
Back in the vault, the rest of the team is excited because Alex (Rachel Melvin) has managed to collect enough information to isolate Dreyfuss’ location. In the barn, they come across the mysterious young woman who is clutching a box. And, to add to the party, Jobe arrives. He tells the girl she won’t be successful running away from him. She pulls out a crystal, and activating it drives Jobe away and knocks her out. Crane and Dreyfuss look in the box and it’s a gun. Crane recognizes it, calling it the Turricula Ignis.  Crane and Thomas take the girl into custody and comment that she’s formidable if she can beat Jenny. They feel the evidence shows she’s not really on Dreyfuss’ team. Diana thinks she looks familiar, but can’t place her.

At Dreyfuss’ place, Jenny is tutoring the team, because she says she won’t always be there. She asks them what they would do and they come up with a plan. They do recon.

Diana questions the girl, asking why she was looking for the Turricula Ignis. The girl says that firing the gun will raise the Horseman of War and that she’s doing this to help Diana and Crane. The girl says her name is Lara, she also says there’s not a lot of time. Although they are in a safe house, she says Jobe and Dreyfuss can find them.
14 at the safe housepng - Sleepy Hollow (S04E11) "The Way of the Gun"
Alex and Jake discuss Jenny and how she’s acting. Alex says that Jake wouldn’t even notice if Jenny was gone because he’s so into Missy. (Jake still is not twigging AT ALL to the fact that Alex seems jealous.) They find four coffins and realize they are the home of the horsemen. Jobe finds them and wants to know where the gun is. Jobe takes them to Malcolm, who tells them that he’s aware that he was being monitored. He wants the gun.

Lara, Crane and Diana take the book. Malcolm and Jobe threaten to torture Jake and Alex, and Jake, shown Alex’s death, is willing to tell everything. Crane, Thomas and Lara discuss with Lara how she knows Dreyfuss. Lara snatches the gun, explaining that she knows Dreyfuss and what he wants to do and feels she is the best one to accomplish this. She says that she grew up without her mom, and that Dreyfuss took care of her and mentored her. Lara runs out and locks them in. They go through her stuff and find objects that indicate she has a strong knowledge of the mystical. Diana says she put a tracer on her.

Crane and Thomas work to get out of the space and Diana says that she placed a tracer on Lara. At Dreyfuss’, Alex asks what they did to Jake. He explains that he was touched by Jobe and how he had an extremely real vision of her being killed. Alex said that Jake was really brave, and that she has something to talk to him about. Right then, Jenny breaks in and frees them. Crane and Thomas follow Lara to a quarry, where she is invoking the Promethean Flame to destroy the gun. Just then, Malcolm and Jobe arrive to stop her. Malcolm says that Lara is a bit ahead of schedule. Crane pulls out a crystal, which makes Malcolm laugh. Diana draws a weapon, challenging Malcolm. Everyone springs into action. Dreyfuss gets shot, but heals, showing he’s immortal. Lara invokes a solar crystal, and Lara, Diana and Crane try to leave, but Jobe and Malcolm quickly find them. Lara asks Dreyfuss to stop. But, he says he needs her. Crane figures out that Lara is from the future and that she has time manipulation abilities. Diana and Lara discuss that Lara is actually adult Molly (Seychelle Gabriel). She explains that she’s here to save her mother, who was reported as gone after the sleepover after the play.

Molly says that she knows Dreyfuss and what he truly wants to be (a good person) but, shocking Molly, he shoots at Diana anyway. To everyone’s surprise, CRANE steps in front of Diana and is shot. He converts to War in front of them all.

Grade: A

This episode was a complete game-changer. We got to meet adult Molly. Although there were visions indicating Molly’s future in prior episodes, no one was fully aware of this because young Molly couldn’t readily elaborate on them. There was a lot of wittiness in this episode. It’s one of the things I particularly value about Season 4 – it’s clear, but subtle, breaking of the fourth wall. It’s nice to see what Tom Mison is likely very capable of, and that’s stage acting. He has a commanding presence. The conflict that Jenny feels about parting, but not wanting to leave the team is fascinating. I liked the nod to Jake’s abilities without making fun of him for nerdiness. That gets old very quickly. I would like to see him a little less dense about how people around him feel, but he’s confusing what he’s seeing, and that’s not unheard of. The twist of Crane becoming the Horseman of War was completely unexpected, and it wasn’t even spoiled in the Twitter timeline! (That’s honestly amazing). In fact, even the girl being Molly was not an obvious thing.

It’s probably time to discuss the continuing audience angst over killing Abbie last year, and some people’s outright desires to see the show fail. I’m fully aware of the anger people felt at the death of a lead POC. But, the story line needed refreshing and there was really likely no other way to achieve this without resetting one of the Witnesses. And, basically, it wasn’t going to be Crane. I felt that they were respectful, and continue to be respectful, to Abbie’s character (I’m not going to address anything OFFSCREEN, because I really do not have any reliable information on that). This season, the casting is great, we still get very talented POC and everyone seems to really enjoy being with everyone else. The stories have been interesting and quirky, and at least a little thrilling. All of that is what attracted me to the show in the first place. And, the special effects, location and scenery have been superb. I see throwbacks to Len Wiseman’s pilot techniques and lighting. So, I for one hope to see at least another season, and I’m very appreciative of what they’ve accomplished this year. It’s too bad people read into what happened and have deprived themselves of an entertaining show.

Next episode: “Tomorrow” airs on Friday, March 24 at 9 pm on Fox.