Chicago Justice (S01E05): “Friendly Fire”

“Friendly Fire” really wasn’t that friendly of a topic at all. When a young veteran is found dead in his house, Stone and his team find a computer chip in the stomach of the deceased. Through investigation, they discover the victim’s friends murdered him to make sure the secret of their time in the war would not be revealed in a memoir.

Stone must go against the government to win rights to the evidence in the trial. Despite all expectations, he wins, but his boss refuses to let Stone use the evidence. In true Stone fashion, Stone goes along with his plan, risking his job.

I am not sure how I feel about lead character Peter Stone. He kind of annoys me, for no real reason. I just don’t have a lot of care for his character. His dynamic with his boss is frustrating too.  I understand the Justice writers’ want for tension, but Jefferies isn’t giving me the impression of power. He talks a lot, but he doesn’t do a lot. Stone does a lot, but he doesn’t always have the right reasons. He thinks he does, but he seems to lack the ability to understand multiple perspectives on life or a given situation.

Chicago Justice is still coming into its own. It is proving to be an interesting show, but it does take time to get used to the flow of the story. I hope the writers delve into individual character storylines soon, because that is a huge part of what makes Chicago shows so special, and I don’t feel that connection yet with any of the characters, Antonio included.