Family Guy: (S15E16) “Saturated Fat Guy”

Tonight The Family Guy plays with food. Peter opens, “Eat my Junk” a food truck in rebellion to Lois. She puts the entire family on a diet, after she sees the dangers of foods that make you fat on a PBS documentary.  Peter’s stomach can’t stand it.  He’s getting sick.  He gags, in rejection. The door to his stomach stops the Quinoa when it tries to enter. 

So Peter,  thinking he’s starving, first begins cooking in his car, peanut butter cups with sausage on bread.  He moves on to bigger things with the purchase of a food truck, by popular demand. He’s a hit! Hamburgers with jelly donut buns, Swedish Meatball tacos and other grease sammiches, his wife won’t let him eat. 

However, in typical Peter, he gains so much weight he can’t get out of the truck. Firemen remove the roof, harness him to hang & then hose him down.  With clothes washed off and fat ass showing,  (ewww) he vows to eat healthy & does so for one day. That brown rice and veggies were never seen again, as  spoken in voiceover by “Morgan Freeman”  Who should not be here, other than the fact, “Fat people amuse him” so ”Hang you fat bitch”

Meanwhile, across town at a friend’s birthday party and missing most of the season, Meg is back! “Yay!” She is approached by a registered sex offender, who is also a roller derby agent.  She’s a stand out when he notices she has the “magic ratio” Her ankles, calves and thighs are all the same size!  She’s perfect for the sport. She accepts the try out and becomes a Quahog Thug.

Chris supports his sister in her first game; The Quahog Thugs vs. Medford Dump Cakes. Meg is really good!  Yet Chris worries. ‘Derby is physical & rough. He thinks she should quit. But Meg loves making other women bleed, in a non menstruation way. 

When Meg falls and can’t get up, Chris jumps in to save his sister.  He’s severely injured & hospitalized.  Meg then agrees to quit.  Although she has found something she likes and is really good at, she doesn’t want to see her brother hurt. Yet Chris agrees she’s found her calling.  (Great and very rare showing  of sibling love, here) He wants her to return to the team and go for the championship! She does.

We don’t find out the outcome of the game, for the Morgan Freeman voice directs us to a fat kid dancing on an arcade machine. “Dance you fat bitch!”

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