Chicago Fire (S05E16): “Telling Her Goodbye”

Because I did not see any commercials for Chicago Fire‘s episode last night, I was totally not expecting the slightly out of character episode that was “Telling Her Goodbye.”

Firehouse 51 is taken hostage by a group of “thugs,” one of whom is shot. As the episode unfolds, many complications and side plots arise.

Kidd and Severide have a weird relationship in this episode. So many moments were set up that seemed romantic, and I wanted it to be, but Severide is supposed to be with Anna now. Anna needs to be a figure in these episodes now that she has taken a job at Med, otherwise it is too easy to forget about her. And, Kidd can’t really be over Severide so quickly, can she?

The entire episode was interesting. I never thought about this kind of scenario and was excited to see how the writers developed the many storylines. There were so many twists and turns in the episode, far more than normal, that it was captivating to watch.

Overall Rating: A