Grey’s Anatomy (S13E10): “You Can Look (But You’d Better Not Touch)”

It’s the day before Alex’s trial when Dr. Bailey, Arizona and Jo go to a prison ward in a maximum security women’s prison to consult on a violent, pregnant 16-year old girl. The girl is pregnant of carrying something that is called an ‘acardiac twin’. It means that one of the twins hasn’t developed normally and is severely malformed. This acardiac twin (or parasitic twin) poses a danger to the other twin who has developed normally. It’s a very rare condition that needs special treatment and so the inmate, who’s name is Kristen, gets a visit from the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

We see dr. Bailey, Arizona and Jo head of to prison feeling a little scared and the whole security check before entering prison doesn’t make them feel right at home. Although, it’s mostly Dr. Bailey who is scared, thinking she will be left behind in a maximum security prison. After a while they seem to settle in. And how harmful can a 16-year-old girl really be? Well, that’s what they are going to find out. This girl is nothing like a normal 16-year-old. Kristen gets reallly, really angry when people disagree. Angry as in breaking the finger of the doctor who runs the prison unit for telling her something she doesn’t like. The only one she really seems to listen to, is her lawyer.

So Dr. Bailey finds herself intimidated by Kristen and being surrounded by inmates in general. But during her consult on Kristen Dr. Bailey is asked to step out and treat another patient. And from that moment on dr. Bailey is wandering around the prison ward treating patients wherever she can. She also learns the options of treatment in a prison ward are limited due to financial restrictions. This kind of changes the way she looks at jailed patients.

Meanwhile Jo is scared and somehow also a little fascinated by Kristen. And so she’s trying to bond with Kristen trading her stories about foster-care experiences. Jo is surprised to hear Kristen actually had a priviliged childhood and a nice family, but she doesn’t really explain what she did to end up in a maximum security prison. Besides, Kristen is mostly concerned about the baby. She tells Jo that her mother will take care of her baby untill she gets out of prison and can take care of her herself. She only wants to deliver her baby if her mom is there with her.

Kristen doesn’t know that her has already arrived and is waiting downstairs refusing to see her. Arizona talks to Kristen’s mother to find out why she won’t come upstairs. As it turns out Kristen’s mother is waiting only so she can adopt the baby the minute her own daughter delivers. Kristen’s mother isn’t really interested in comforting or supporting her daughter in any way, which – again – makes you wonder what Kristen did to deserve a 20-year sentence in prison. When Arizona comes back Kristen is already in labour. Arizona doesn’t want to tell Kristen her mom is downstairs, but Kristen immediately knows Arizona is witholding information and starts to panic. Jo speaks up to Kristen telling her that her mother won’t be coming, but that dr. Bailey, Arizona and herself will be there for her instead. When Kristen delivers a healthy baby, she tells her to just be good and gives her away.

The whole episode took place at the prison and focused only upon dr. Bailey, Arizona and Jo. After a long day we see dr. Bailey, Arizona and Jo driving back home. Dr. Baileys breaks the news to Jo that Alex is going to take a plea deal, which makes Jo throw up. So, is Alex really going to prison? Well,  Alex only SAID to dr. Bailey he was going to take a plea deal. We still don’t know for sure if Alex actually did take the deal he was offered.