Imposters (S01E07) “Frog-Bikini-Eiffel Tower”


“When you come to a fork in the road… take it”. With this phrase, the episode starts. It’s the first time of the season that an episode has begun with a phrase. It got my eye quickly. What does it mean?

Last time ended on a high note and a twist that I can honestly say no one was expecting. So, it’s just fair that the episode continued with that shocker. Richard, the one that discovered that Patrick was an FBI agent, told Jules immediately the news that rock the foundation of the series. Basically, nobody is honest and this show. If you think about it the first time we met Richard he was playing an FBI agent but ended up being a broken hearted fooled and Patrick was playing a bachelor millionaire and ended up a true FBI agent.

With the news that Maddie may be in trouble, Richard and Jules need to come up with a plan. But first, they need a lawyer. Are they the fork in the road that is going to be taken? To discover how deep in you-know-what they are, they pretend to be wealthy so they could get in the Laneview Country Club. Jules, who knows this world while Richard just wants to be a part off, gathers all the lawyers and tells them the story of her cousin and how he got con. But she paid a price. She got recognize by some rich guy that confronted her and called her a fraud for something she did in college. It was thanks to the presence of Richard that both could get out of there.

Meanwhile, Maddie is off on a romantic getaway with Patrick who’s on the leash with his FBI boss about big spending. In fact, the FBI know about the three exes and think they are involved. They even call Ezra the puppy dog. And their goal is to get the Doctor. So this trip has to be it. The one that seals the deal. For her too. Max made it clear on the phone that it wasn’t a pleasure trip but a business one.

Not a business trip but a family one is Ezra. He’s back home because he thought his dad had a heart attack. He actually had a panic attack. But is glad to see his son because he has a news to tell the family. Something the FBI got right is that there is puppy dog named Ezra. That’s Gaby’s dog that now has Ezra’s job at the company and has been invited to the dinner that’s fill with brotherly bonding. The father’s news is no shocker: he is taking time off with the wife and wants the sons to take over.

Back to the fork. If while walking you find a fork, pick it up. It’s the opportunity knocking. You never know when you’re going to need a fork. Richard and Jules know that the three of them might be facing 5 years in prison while Maddie get’s 40. They have to help in some way. But the fear of being bug by the FBI makes them send a code text message to Ezra that he doesn’t get. So, they call him on a payphone (yes, those still exist) and the decision to fulfill his father’s wishes goes out the window because Ezra returns to Seattle.

The what-seems-to-be-a-very-good-couple, Patrick and Maddie, actually seal the deal. He propose and put a ring on it. But she rejects the fork. Although she tries to convince him to runaway (she is in love) he can’t. And the plane home sure seem tense.

Now all five of them are going to be at the same city again. Eveyone of them with a differente agenda. Let’s face it, the three exes have to decide if they’re going to help the FBI or Maddie. Now that’s a heavy fork to take.

Again, where is Lenny?

Quotes from the episode:

“You are not the only cock in the block.”
“It’s just people with money.”
“Rich is rich in my book.”
“We don’t have to live by anyone else’s rules.”