The Flash (S03E17) “Duet”

Okay I have to admit, I was like everyone else when they announced the Flash was having a musical crossover episode. I had my doubts about it but I also said “I’ll give the musical episode a chance” and its a good thing I did. This episode turned out to be one of the most hilarious and enjoyable episodes that has been made for the Flash. And you all have to admit, the actors had to of had tons of fun making this episode especially with three of those actors being Glee show alumni such as (Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist, and Darren Criss). And a lot of the songs that are sung on this episode are really well done, seriously I’ve already bought the album they have on itunes this morning. So lets not break into song as we get to the recap of the review!

In this episode: We are first taken back 18 years ago when Young Barry (Liam Hughes) and his mother Nora (Michelle Harrison) were watching a musical on TV. Nora tells Barry “everything is better when its sung in a musical because it reveals the truth about that persons heart” the two say they love each other and the flash back ends with Barry (Grant Gustin) watching the same musical in Cisco’s (Carlos Valdes) apartment. Cisco then comes into the room wanting to know how watching a musical is going to make things better for Barry but before he could answer they get a text from H. R. (Tom Cavanagh) to come to Star Labs. When Barry and Cisco get to Star Labs they see a breech, Cisco hopes its going to be Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) but instead it ends up being Hank (David Harewood) and Mon-El (Chris Wood) carrying Kara (Melissa Benoist).

When Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) does some tests to see whats wrong with Kara, she finds that shes comatose. Not knowing all whats wrong they try finding out info about the guy who did this to her, but its not long till hes there in the speed lab waiting for Barry. Music Meister (Darren Criss) then reveals he already knows Flash’s identity as Barry and even knows Wally’s (Keiynan Lonsdale) superhero identity as well. Knocking Barry off his feet, Music Meister then hypnotizes Barry into the musical world.

Barry wakes up in the oldies seeing Kara sing on stage ‘Moon River’ after Kara gets done singing the song she is glad to see Barry. Only to be stopped by Malcolm Merlyn but known in this world as Cuttler (John Barrowman). After Cuttler makes his words known to the two new singers of his gangster club, Winn (Jeremy Jordan) tells them to not get on their bosses bad side. Music Meister then appears to the two trapped heroes telling them if they wish to get out of the musical world they need to follow the script and don’t get killed because if they get killed in the musical world they die in the real world. Sounds fun right? The group then falls into song ‘Put A Little Love In Your Heart’ which everyone that sung in that song is really good!

Barry and Kara then get kidnapped by Joe/Dixie (Jesse L. Martin) and his gay lover Stein (Victor Garber) begging the two singers to find their daughter Iris/Milly (Candice Patton). When the two find Milly and Mon-El but not Mon-El in this world being in love with Milly, Barry then realizes they are in the story of West Side Story. When Barry takes Milly to her dads so they can have the chat about no one being in love but it breaks into song ‘More I Cannot Wish You’. After the song is over the dads prepare for war; after Cuttler gets done with his son he prepares his boys for war.

Winn then asks Barry and Kara if they are ready to rehearse for their next show together so they create a song which breaks into tap dancing and song ‘Super Friend’ which actually had some hilarious rhymes in there especially Barry saying he would be there for his friend in a flash gotta admit thats pretty funny. After they are done with the song, Barry and Kara try stopping the gang gun fight outside but get shot themselves which forces their bodies to go into critical condition. In a last pitch effort Cisco vibes Iris and Mon-El into the world Barry and Kara are trapped in to help them get out by a true loves kiss (I know thats going into fairy tale world there but hey its a musical anything can happen).

In the end of the episode: Barry and Kara ask Music Meister what the whole plan was about that little singing trip. Music Meister reveals it was all about showing how much the heroes truly love the people they love and it was a test for their lovers too to see if their love would truly break the curse in a way. Before Music Meister disappeared he started singing again ‘Put A Little Love In Your Heart’. When Iris and Barry return home, Barry then dims the lights and breaks out into song so he can truly propose to Iris he sings to her ‘Runnin` Home To You’ after Barry finishes the song Iris says yes to his proposal and in Season 4 expect wedding bells to be ringing!

Next Episode: The Flash(S03E18):”Abra Kadabra” will air Tuesday March 28, 2017