The Magicians (S02E09) “Lesser Evils” Review

The niffin is out of the bag as Quentin is taken downstairs to a cage next to a guy who has the worst kind of STD that turns him into a werewolf. Makes herpes look like a mosquito bite. Penny and Kady spring Julia from Fillory jail (bad idea) while Eliot and Margo deal with more problems. After Julia’s tree genocide half of Fillory’s army has fled in protest. Lady Sloth suggests they do a one on one combat with King Endre. Eliot agrees to this. Kady and Penny show Julia that Reynard’s son is actually Senator John Gaines. He’s a pretty good guy who had no idea who he is. Alice pleads with Quentin to let her go. All niffins are different and Alice is more interested in witnessing pure magic not blood shed. Quentin refuses even though it’s killing him and he doesn’t believe all niffins aren’t blood thirsty as he doesn’t want to have to box Alice either. Julia, Kady, and Penny bust in on Gaines’s office telling him that magic exists. Julia breaks out a razor and tries to kill him. If Gaines dies the more power they will have when Kady says they need a vessel to hold that power in Julia whips out a small ball. Julia had this planned from the start! Gaines unintentionally uses his powers to push them back but he passes out. Penny decides to kidnap the Senator instead. Fen gives Eliot a magical sword to help him win. He could use all the help he can get.


Penny doesn’t trust shadeless Julia while Kady continues to make excuses for her. Margo doesn’t want magic to be going off and on while Eliot is dueling so she asks Lady Sloth about how to fix the Well Spring. She’s reluctant to say but the only ones who can help are Fairies and they are not the kind of people you want to do business with unless you care to pay a high price. To help give Eliot confidence, Margo does a musical spell. No really they perform a musical, a song from Les Miserables. Eliot arrives to the battle ground to meet King Endre and Prince Ess. Reynard tracks his spawn to Brakebills and starts communicating telepathically with him. Julia goes to visit Quentin and actually has a conversation with niffin Alice. Quentin suddenly faints. Penny and Kady bring Gaines to the infirmary and give him one of those mind block things to help stop Reynard from talking to him. In Fillory, Eliot gets the upper hand on King Endre until the King of Loria runs into the woods. The duel is only finished if one of them dies. Eliot chases after Endre into the woods but when he has Endre cornered the magic goes on the fritz. Now it’s Eliot’s turn to run away. He manages to climb up a tree but Endre decides to cut it down.


On Earth, Reynard manages to get through the wards. Students retreat into the school while Julia takes Quentin out of the infirmary and tells him to make a deal with niffin Alice to kill Reynard in which case he will let her go. Quentin refuses but then Julia literally throws him to the wolves (or fox god…). Poor Q is in Reynard’s clutches. In Fillory, Margo makes a deal with the envoy of the Fairies. In exchange for fixing the Well Spring Margo must give up Eliot’s first born child. (It’s always the first born baby) Reluctantly Margo agrees and tricks Fen into agreeing as well. She feels terrible. As Reynard looks like he’s about to rip Quentin apart, for a split second it looks like Julia has a change of heart and is about to jump in but Kady and Penny arrive. Penny tries to help Quentin but Reynard freezes him. Gaines shows up and gives himself up to save them. Eliot returns to the castle victorious… but with King Endre! Instead of using violence Eliot agrees to marry King Endre. Apparently in this world a king may have both a wife and a husband! Eliot views this as an opportunity to spy on the enemy and he also promised Loria half of the Well Spring. On Earth, Julia wakes up in a prison hold. Kady had put a sleeping spell on her. She realized she was making excuses for Julia when clearly without her shade she’s amorally insane. Quentin finally sets niffin Alice free. Instead of boxing her. Niffin Alice goes on her merry way leaving poor Quentin alone.


A+! Solid episode! The singing was a nice touch. I figured Julia would burn her bridge with Kady. Although I did notice that when Quentin was in real danger Julia was about to jump in after him. But it was a second too late and Gaines had to bail them all out by giving himself up to his rapist god dad. Who knows what terrible evil Father-Son activities Reynard has planned! And Margo has done something that I don’t think Eliot can forgive. He may have been reluctant to be a dad but he’s been trying to make the world a better place for it. And Fen will definitely react badly. Poor Quentin. It was heartbreaking to see Quentin finally let Alice go. It’s a sign of growth but I know that when given the chance Quentin will try to get Alice back.