Chicago PD (S04E17): “Remember The Devil”

“Remember The Devil” was an intriguing and mysterious episode of Chicago PD that left my heart in pain for Linstead.

The main plot arch followed the kidnapping of two young girls. While we never official figured out exactly who the mastermind behind the crimes was – Austin, the recently deceased man, or his wife? Whoever it was, this episode kept me thinking and calculating everyone’s actions in a way typical Chicago PD episodes don’t usually.

The introduction of Jay’s ex-wife (or not?) creates so much confusion for Halstead that he moves out of Erin’s apartment and, I think, breaks up with her. That part was a little unclear to me, but either way, things don’t look great for them and I hate that. These two just don’t seem to catch a break. I love the tension in their relationship, and it certainly creates good TV, but at some point, the writers need to find a way to bring tension into the couple’s lives without immediately breaking them up.

Ruzek and Burgess, on the other hand, seem to be growing closer, slowly. Speaking of slowly, Olinsky rightfully has a long way to go until he’ll be normal again. The style of his grief is very true to character: he internalizes everything. Instead of being very expressive, he goes quiet or makes a wise comment. I hope we get to understand more about his character through this tragic time.

“Remember The Devil” was a strong episode of Season 4. While there were some minor details left hanging, I was left extremely intrigued the whole time.

Rating: A