Once Upon A Time: (S06E13) “Ill-Boding Patterns”



The episode focused on another Rumple’s backstory which was the fight he won over the ogres. Beowulf, the one who led the fight, was so angry at him because he used dark magic. Baelfire made an appearance which they use to compare an event that happened between Rumple and Baelfire to his son with Belle, Gideon. It was a great character development for Rumple, doing a bad thing to rescue his son from doing this bad thing on his own thus, saving Gideon’s soul to surrender to the darkness. This leads to Belle acknowledging his efforts to change.


Meanwhile, Killian was in conflict with the truth about David’s father’s death if he will tell the truth to Emma before he propose but when he’s about to tell it to Emma, she said yes to his proposal even without the question yet. I’m sure this will result to a lot of conflicts to the Captain Swan ship.


Wish Robin, apparently people are calling him like that now, allied with Zelena to help him to leave Storybrooke. She made a potion to break the protection spell but it didn’t work. Wish Robin constantly pushing Regina away. It really was heartbreaking to watch. Regina’s character growth separate her so much with the Evil Queen’s character. She just wanted to have a happy ending and I don’t know why she can’t. Good thing Zelena is reconciling with Regina. They need to be a team.


The future episodes will feature the Black Fairy and I can’t wait to see it. Also, the Evil Queen is back and she’s colluding with Wish Robin. This will be more exciting. We’ll see more in few hours time.