Arrow: (S05E16) “Checkmate” and (S05E17) “Kapiushon”

Review: It took me some time to write these two reviews, because I didn’t have any time to watch the episodes before yesterday, but here we go now!

The one CONSTANT problem with Arrow is that characters just don’t make any progress. Oliver (Stephen Amell) simply doesn’t change, ever. He always blames himself for everything, just like he blames himself for being vulnerable and close to people when Prometheus kidnaps Susan (Carly Pope) in the 16th episode.

Having said that, the show finally “revealed” that Prometheus is Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra). Yeah … Who else is not shocked? All applause goes to the actor who suddenly had to play a villain, but the fact that Arrow decided to make Adrian the Prometheus out of nowhere is just plain up stupid. Not even surprising.

Talia al Ghul (Lexa Doig) revealed that not-so-juicy information and guess what … She is no ally of Oliver, since he killed R’as al Ghul. Yet another “surprising” discovery that the Arrow writers came up with in one night. Wow.

And apparently Oliver killed Prometheus’ dad, which means that any of the Russians could be his dad, right? That’d be a good connection to the throwback clips.

Meanwhile Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) got caught up with the hackers, which has a nice “Mr. Robot” vibe to it, that’s the one cool thing of the episode.

And hey, Oliver ended up getting KIDNAPPED when Talia and Adrian put effort into team work.

Then in this week’s episode, the creators of the show mostly focused on the Russian throwbacks, which I liked. And Adrian keeps on torturing Oliver, instructing him to “confess” him a secret (while he has no idea what to confess on) …

Then Oliver confessed he liked killing people, which was Adrian’s point all along.

In the throwbacks, they made it seem like Oliver killed Kovar (Dolph Lundgren), but in the end, it turned out he wasn’t successful and Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) had his nose up in the business of Kovar … The writers probably looked at each other and thought they haven’t used John Barrowman in this season much, so they just tried to connect him to something, so he wouldn’t be bored too much.

But I can’t only criticize, I have to say I really liked the fact that Oliver expressed a lot of anger and sadness, because I always felt that Stephen as an actor struggles with portraying emotions, but he did a real good job this time! His performance was amazing. And I think the episode was edited very nicely, because it was flowing with the past and thepresent, it all connected together and it was very intruging.

In the end, Ollie returned to the Arrow team, saying that he doesn’t want to do this work anymore. Well … You’ve got another season to make, brother, so we’ll see!