Family Guy: (S15E17) “Peter’s Lost Youth”

At a church charity raffle, a fantasy weekend for 2 @ Boston’s Fenway Park is the prize. He was the fat, uncoordinated kid that nobody chose for their side; so when Peter wins the Red Sox Fantasy weekend raffle, it’s a dream come true. He may now get the chance he never had in his schooldays; play ball like a pro.

Mindful of the exceptional at bat skills of his friends, he takes Lois; who doesn’t even like baseball. She accepts and plans to shop during this time.  However, @ the event Peter is the buffoon and Lois is adored by the coach and players, who encouraged her to stay.  She’s a good pitcher and overall good ball player, like “The Natural” She gets the seat at the head of the banquet table, grinding Peter’s gears! Jealous of the team’s adoration for his wife, he manages to break Lois’ leg when he slides into her @ 2nd ,during a playoff game; accident? 

Meanwhile, while the parents are away; Meg (“yay” another episode!) is in charge. Brian who is usually left with house duty is elated, and proceeds to indulge in his favorite form of weed, getting deliciously high and playing imaginary bowling on Wii with Chris.

Stewie warns Meg he is a total Taurean (the bull, I never knew!) & will not cooperate as he sprays her with the water hose. The fighting continues when he refuses to get dressed and begins to poop on the wall in retaliation. Meg puts him on time out and threatens to beat his weird head!  She finds Stewie is missing when she forgets about him being in the corner for 6 hours. He’s  packed Rupert and ran away. Meg, Brian and Chris set out to find him; unaware he’s returned home. Probably because he’s being pursued by a childless woman who wants to claim him as her own; after she almost runs him over with her car! This coulda been an interesting side story; maybe another time!

The high lights of this episode is the honest relationships I see developing between the children,  When Stewie admits he ran away in fear; then Meg’s apology, hug and a declaration of love for her little brother is a good thing to see…finally!  It’s a great follow up to the Roller Derby Meg episode and the sibling love shown between Chris and Meg. It looks genuine and it is a good thing;  a very good thing…”The children will lead” We can leave the  fine particulars of the family dysfunction to “Petah” and friends.

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