Sleepy Hollow (S04E12) “Tomorrow”


The episode opens up showing Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) in a dystopian future, teaching children. An alarm is given about a sighting. Jenny asks how many, and is told it’s ALL of them. They herd the children to safety, arm themselves and step outside and see all four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride in to the compound. The Horsemen are devastating and while Jenny is doing damage to one in particular, she is knocked out by War.

Jenny awakens to War restraining her and Lara/Molly (Seychelle Gabriel) slugging her. Jenny tries to get Molly to understand that Dreyfuss has done nothing but lie to her, but Molly is intent on bringing her back for a public execution, and preventing anyone else from suffering what she thinks she suffered. Lara insists that Jenny not call her Molly. They struggle, Jenny pulls out a knife, twirls around and strikes War in the mask with the specially treated knife. This cuts off a part of the mask. Jenny is impaled, and as Molly looks from dying Jenny to War, she sees that her mother IS War.

Back in Dreyfuss’ lair, Molly shows Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies) the knife Jenny used. She starts to tell Malcolm that Jenny told her that War was…but, Malcolm interrupts her telling her not to believe that her mother was War. But Jenny hadn’t said it was her mother. Malcolm says he’s heard that rumor before. They hug it out. (ugh!)

Although Molly thought Crane was dead, she wanders into what is supposed to be an empty prison cell and sees Crane (Thomas Mison)! Crane confirms that Molly’s mother was transformed. Crane had secreted away information about The Traveler’s Spell, and hands it to Molly, telling her she must use it to save her mother. Molly pokes around in Malcolm’s room to find further information on the spell.

Malcolm shows up and Molly challenges him. He says he didn’t take her mother away, it was fate! Molly has activated the spell and as Malcolm shoots at Molly, she jumps through right as past Malcolm is shooting at Diana (Janina Gavankar) in the forest. He misses and we see Crane transformed into War. Molly views this (initially) as success, as her goal was to avoid her mother being turned into War.
9 lara runs through the spellpng - Sleepy Hollow (S04E12) "Tomorrow"
Dreyfuss is astonished at this turn of events, and a little disappointed because he had plans for Crane. Diana demands that he be returned, but Dreyfuss says it is a one way ticket. Dreyfuss tells Lara/Molly that clearly he has a use for her, wait, had, wait – those tenses are complicated with time travel. He asks Crane to kill them, but Lara/Molly slices War with a knife which, surprisingly, damages him.

Lara and Diana drive away trying to figure out what to do. Lara is confused because since she was successful in intervening, her timeline and Molly’s timeline are separated and now the future has been changed. Diana wants to get Molly, but Lara says she’s safer away from them. Diana calls young Molly (Oona Yaffe) to check on her, and she’s fine. Lara explains that Dreyfuss actually found her later after her Mom disappeared, Dad was MIA and Molly ended up in the system.
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Molly and Diana meet with Jake (Jerry MacKinnon), Alex (Rachel Melvin) and Jenny at the Vault. They discuss that Lara is truly Molly from the future. They haven’t located any literature on recovering someone from being a horseman, but Diana shows that they have Crane’s blood on the knife. On the shelf, the black goo that they should have destroyed is bubbling away…They note that there is a compound outside Camp David, which means there is a Horseman very close to the President. The jar breaks, and the goo surrounds the invincible knife.
13 goopng - Sleepy Hollow (S04E12) "Tomorrow"
War, and Jobe (Kamar de los Reyes) have Headless’ ax, and discuss the rune they need to recharge it. It’s hidden but Jobe says nothing stays hidden from him for long. War shows up, clearly damaged. Jobe has him hop into a coffin with lit runes to regenerate. He explains Crane didn’t have a chance to bond completely, but after awhile regenerating, he’ll be bonded and at full power.

In the vault, the team discusses how to save Crane when Bannaker’s security system is triggered. It turns out that Henry (John Noble) has emerged from the black goo jar. A bit of Henry’s soul mixed with the blood on the knife to resurrect him. Henry explains he was formed out of Crane’s thoughts, so he’s the son Crane wanted him to be. Great lines. Diana: “This is Crane’s son? Kinda old.” Jenny: “Tell that to your 30-year-old daughter over there.” Diana: “Point taken.” (The dialog this season has been great. Very witty.) Henry figures out that Crane has become the horseman of war. “Like Father, like son.” Henry said that there was a spell that could release the soul of War. Jenny confirms they were going to release Abraham Brunt, but Katrina died before they could execute the spell. The team is concerned about whether they can trust Henry (with good reason) but they seem to have no alternative.

They return to the vault to find it was torn apart and someone has liberated something very powerful, but they don’t know what it is. They separate. Lara goes with Diana to find the spellbook. Diana figures out that Lara/Molly is angry with her. And, because of timing, Dreyfuss took advantage of Molly’s vulnerability. Diana reassures Lara that this was not her fault and she shouldn’t feel guilty. Lara reminds Diana that the future has been rewritten.

The vault team conducts an inventory and figures out that the item missing is the Draguar Stone, which can resurrect the dead. Jake figures out that Jobe is collecting artifacts to charge the ax. They are looking for relatives or people with a strong connection. Jenny realizes that he’s resurrecting the Hessian soldiers who drowned…by Sleepy Hollow.

In a scene resembling something from Pirates of the Caribbean, Jobe resurrects a bunch of Hessians. The team has a limited amount of zombie destroying bullets, so Jenny says make them count. Molly, with Diana, executes the spell using the connection that Molly has with Crane, and she appears in a room with a multicolored box. She calls to Crane but he screams to get away. Molly reasons that Crane is being broken down. She tries to figure out how to reconstitute Crane. Crane shouts a warning that “he’s here.”

Jenny, Alex and Jake are engaging with the Hessians. They think they got them all, when another larger wave crests the hill. The Horseman breaks into the prison chamber and strikes Molly with the ax. Lara (with Diana) spits blood out and falls forward. War continues to come at Molly, but she reminds Crane that she and he are the Witnesses, which jolts him in time to block the blow to Molly. Crane cradles the injured Molly. Molly asks Crane why they are still in the prison, and he says before he fully separates from War he wants to take advantage of his powers. Molly wakes up with Diana and says Crane’s free and that he said that Diana should get that cell phone Molly’s been asking for and the earrings…

The team fighting the Hessians is out of ammo, and engage in hand-to-hand combat. The Horseman arrives and slays the remaining Hessians. Stumbling away, War’s armor falls away and Crane emerges. The team comes to his aid. They ask if the Horseman is gone, and Crane says he still hears the siren call, so War isn’t gone.

Jobe is breaking the bad news to Dreyfuss that he’s lost Crane, but that they haven’t lost the essence of War. And, Jobe says, they have the perfect host for War, one who’s already hosted it before. Jobe introduces Henry to Dreyfuss, who is reluctant to trust Henry, but Henry says that the humans have made a mistake in trusting him. Off they go to have some tea.28 henry arrives to ask to be warpng - Sleepy Hollow (S04E12) "Tomorrow"
Grade: A

That black goo was sure to play a future part in the show, and it did, resulting in the resurrection of Henry. He was convincing to the team, because he always was charming in a pretty dangerous way. But, is Henry TRULY evil, or was there some redemption? Given that he came from the black goo….my money is on his evilness. It’s hard to believe there is only one episode left. A 13-episode arc, just like season one started out to be. I hope that we get a fifth season. It’s interesting that we get older and younger Molly both in the same timeline. I continue to be impressed at the impression Tom Mison leaves regarding his closeness to Molly, even with the actress playing older Molly. It’s very sweet.

Next Episode: “Freedom” airs on Friday, March 31, 2017 at 9:01 pm on Fox