Chicago Fire (S05E17): “Babies and Fools”

hat”Babies and Fools” focused much more on the characters rather than accidents and fires. Dawson takes it upon herself to discover the mysteries behind her first call of the day, in which a baby was found in a storm sewer. This investigation puts her life at risk when the suspect fakes an emergency and throws a cement block at her ambulance. Lucky no one was hurt and the suspect is caught.

I think this storyline was interesting and suited Dawson’s character very well, but at the same time, it seemed so different from traditional Chicago Fire episodes. It’s a nice refresher, but not necessarily something that needs to be repeated.

The same goes for Casey’s alderman work. The show clearly needs to find a balance between Casey’s two jobs. I’m not really sure Casey was shown as a very good person for the job in this episode. His tendency to continually refer to a fellow citizen seeking help as “crazy” was disappointing. An alderman should be able to look past appearances and help. I’m trying to understand the importance of knowing the citizen was in the army. A piece of information like that doesn’t need to be thrown in just for time. Maybe Casey had some ulterior motive for bringing that up, but a scene to reveal that got cut. Either way, some of this story arch was a little too drawn out and not as impactful as it should have been.

I enjoyed the Molly’s storyline in this episode. I think it was great for Otis to speak up and for the characters to recognize the differences he and Kidd face when working together. But, handing over thousands of dollars without even really discussing it seemed incredibly out of character for such sensible people. I’m glad it worked out for them, but even that was so rushed. Clearly, the point of that whole storyline was how Otis felt, but maybe it needed to be drawn out more, or even through multiple episodes.

“Babies and Fools” wasn’t the show’s best episode, but it was interesting and tried to delve deeper into character development, though I’m not sure it fully succeeded in the way the writer’s hoped. What did you think?

Rating: B