Chicago Justice (S01E06): “Dead Meat”


This episode of Chicago Justice was deep and complex, as usual. The storyline was semi-focused and wrapped up neatly with lots of satisfaction. I think the beginnings of Justice storylines tend to be a little confusing at first because the show just jumps right into a case, in a very different way than PD or even Fire, for that matter. In some ways this is good, in others it’s just frustrating. The writers are doing a fairly good job at establishing the new show thought, and the more episodes I watch, the easier this adjustment gets.

With that said, I’m still trying to determine the difference between Justice and PD. They both investiage similarily, so I’d really apprecaite a little more understanding of the differences in thier investigation from the writers.

One set design that I loved was the office bathroom that was disguised so you couldn’t even tell there was a door there. It was on screen for a brief moment, but it caught my attention and brought some comic relief to the otherwise emotional tense episode.

Most, if not all, great television shows involve romance. It’s just what audiences’ crave. So far, there are no relationships in Justice, but I have a budding feeling Stone and Valdez may be the first couple. We see them spend a lot of time together, in ways other parterns are, out to a semifancy lunch like in this episode. I think they would be cute together, though I’m not sure what their age difference is. Your thoughts? Would they be cute? Or who would you rather see in a relationship? Or, does Chicago Justice not need to venture down that storyline at all? Let me know in the comments.

Overall Rating: B