Imposters (S01E08) “In The Game”


The game changes constantly. Like life, every decision you make in the game has a consequence. For Ezra, Richard and Jules, the game began when they embarked on a journey for the truth. Not only of the woman they loved but the truth about them, who they really are.

Imposters is a game changer with every episode. The good thing about this series is that it doesn’t shy away from the consequences, it just pushes them further. This episode is the mother of game changers.

Back at the dinner, the one when they confronted Maddie for the first time. Now, the three amigos are there to tell her the truth about Patrick: he is, in fact, an FBI agent. She’s so hurt because karma is a real thing. She even feels betray, a feeling that Ezra, Richard, and Jules know very well. This news shocks her to the point that she disappears from the dinner and almost from Seattle.

But the Maddie with have gotten to know over the past eight weeks doesn’t shy way from a battle. So, she decides to go to Patrick and… make love to him. Now that was one steamy sex scene! And after sex, well it’s only appropriate to accept the marriage proposal. She finally said yes.

After Patrick put a ring on it, he told everyone on the FBI quarters so phase 2 could start. He just doesn’t realize that Maddie has a plan of her own that involves Max, Ezra, Richard, and Jules. Yes, everyone is now playing for the same team. It appears there aren’t any victims of broken heart anymore.  The goal is to make believe Patrick that the wedding is on so the Doctor believes it too.

While Max and Richard are at Patrick’s house bugging the place and realizing that if you look closely everything is fake; Maddie is at a dinner with Patrick and his “sister” Gina looking like those bridezillas from Say Yes To The Dress and being interrupted by his drunk “brother” Ezra that looks like he’s about to spill the beans. All part of the plan.

What probably wasn’t part of the plan is the fact that Richard and Max actually bonded like master and student. Richard seemed to like the art of con. On the other hand, Maddie realized that Ezra is changed, he is now cold. Plus, Jules is still very much in love with her and could damage the entire operation.

So, game changer one (or I-did-not-see-that-one-coming): Maddie tells Patrick she knows he is FBI and makes a deal with him! Game changer two: Ezra is arrested and question by Patrick himself who tells him that if he doesn’t cooperate with FBI he would end up in prison! (insert shocking emoji).

See, the game changes constantly.

Quotes from the episode:

“Her feelings got hurt. Welcome to the club”
“This time she needs us”
“I told you she digs athletes in real life”
“You wanna have a terf war over my vagina? Go right ahead”
“That is the art of con, you should’ve never even know it happened”
“You’re the devil”
“And scissoring, so much scissoring”
“This is still a con and we’re all suckers”