The Flash (S03E18) “Abra Kadabra”

What would you do to try to save the one you love from a future you saw coming? Well thats pretty much what the whole episode was having unfold throughout the whole episode. But this episode did keep my attention and did keep a fast pace (pun intended) which is something that the show runners haven’t been able to always do with every episode. But I do wish they would’ve revealed the name of Savitar to us viewers but I understand the show runners want to torment us to make us continue guessing who Savitar is. And with this being David Dastmalchian’s second superhero gig that he’s doing even though in both gigs he’s a thief. First superhero gig Dastmalchian was a part of was Ant Man in Marvel universe, and second is here on television on the Flash as Abra Kadabra. Overall great episode and the ending I didn’t see coming.

In the episode: We over hear two guards in Stagg Industries saying the company has been sold to another person. But the guards are apprehended by Abra Kadabra (David Dastmalchian) who uses magic trick to keep the guards in the Houdini kind of escaping case filling up with water killing the guards. Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) show off the ring; Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) asks how it happened, Iris reveals Barry sang to her and then proposed. Cecile then is reminded about tickets she has to Hamilton (which that seems to be the most favorite opera in the Arrowverse shows just saying). Barry accepts the invitation which leads to Cisco (Carlos Valdes) vibes to see if anything has changed with Barry and Iris’s future. But still revealing Savitar kills Iris and Barry is still not fast enough to save her.

Barry then gets a notice about a robbery happening when he comes face to face with Abra Kadabra. Abra Kadabra then reveals to Barry he’s from the future and he knows all about him. When Barry was just about to capture him, Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) comes to capture Abra Kadabra but escapes with a card trick (no literally its a card trick with cards flying everywhere) When the team gets word of Abra at it again stealing another piece of tech but it was only a hologram. With Abra there at Star Labs to attack the team, but once Barry captures Abra he reveals he knows the identity of Savitar but will only reveal the name if he lets him go. Barry and the team interrogate Abra to find out what they want to know but he refuses to tell them. Instead he taunts the team about Savitar and how it will give him great pleasure to know about Iris really does die and gives Barry a new meaning of hero.

Just when Joe (Jesse L.Martin) was about to get answers from Abra about the identity of Savitar but because of Gypsy he escapes in another part of the building. Leaving behind a bomb that goes off forcing a pole to stab Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker). Caitlin then walks Julian (Tom Felton) through her own surgery which goes well. Once Julian doesn’t need Caitlin’s help anymore she passes out and lets Julian stitch her up. Gypsy then reveals to Cisco about why shes hell bent in getting revenge on Abra Kadabra; he killed her partner on Earth-19 years ago. The team then finds out the last piece Abra stole was from Evil Wells (Tom Cavanagh) vault. Barry then realizes Abra is trying to go back home. Barry and Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) do a speed chase against Abra to catch him. In a last ditch effort Barry catches Abra; just before Gypsy takes Abra to Earth-19, Abra confesses Barry and him have been enemies for years but there have been others Thawne (Matt Letscher) which we already know of, Zoom (Teady Sears) who know of him as well, and Devout and this one we haven’t seen yet so we have a big bad villain to possibly look forward to in later seasons. Gypsy then takes Abra to her Earth for his punishment.

Barry then reveals to Iris and Joe, he’s going to go into the future to find out how he can save Iris. In the end of the episode Caitlin seizures in fail of the surgery and flatlines but Julian rips off the necklace to make Caitlin heal but the consequences reveal there is no Caitlin only Killer Frost!

Next episode: The Flash(S03E19):”The Once and Future Flash” on Tuesday April 25, 2017 (but thats so far away…no its not stop whining)