Chicago PD (S04E18): “Little Bit of Light”

“Little Bit of Light” was a nice, but slightly confusing episode of Chicago PD. I liked that they used a character who we had previously seen on the show in a negative light, but now he was the victim. It offered an interesting perspective how police officer’s sometimes have to help people they don’t particularly like.

There almost seemed to be two plot lines, the one with Sarah and the one with the young child who Atwater had some fascination with. I didn’t get that. I appreciated seeing the father and daughter reunited at the end, but where did she fit in to the story and why was Atwater so fixated on her?

It’s sad to see Erin and Jay in the limbo-broken up stage they are in. In the beginning of the episode I was confused as to what their relationship was because there didn’t seem to be any bad vibes, but those were certainly made clear as the episode went along. What do you think is going to happen? The writers made it clear that Erin has some things to work out in her personal life, not just Jay, so I hope we get to learn more about that. Ultimately, I want these to back together and I hope we don’t have to wait too long for that to happen.

Also, that scene where Atwater and Ruzek chase a suspect on top of the mall rooftop was so perfect. I mean, when Ruzek just jumped without hesitation I was floored, and then when they revealed he was just jumping onto a different roof and not falling to his doom, it proved the perfect comic relief this episode needed.