Legion (S01E08) “Chapter 8”


As far as finale’s go, this one was certainly up there with the best of them. I am still trying to process the events that unfolded, so I hope to do this episode justice with this review. Legion is the superhero show that doesn’t fall into the same mundane routine that other shows seem to. There is a gritty and undeniable edge that makes you want to dive into the depths of the show, and the darkness that surrounds these eclectic group of characters.

This episode starts out a little different from the rest, we are seeing things through the eyes of “The Interrogator” or Clark (Hamish Linklater), who had been badly burned during the explosive rescue of David (Dan Stevens) from the clutches of Division 3. Even though his life has changed, and not for the better, that doesn’t mean he’s giving up on what he started. Determined to finish things on his terms, he wants to get back out on the field, and how could they deny him that? If anyone has a bigger vendetta against David, it’s him. Although no one could prepare him and his team of soldiers for what was to come.

All the stories are intertwined and come back to where they left off. There is no fear in David anymore, he is powerful and is no longer hiding that fact. So, when his friends are threatened, he doesn’t hesitate to give a flick of the wrist and take care of the danger, without killing everyone in his path this time. This is a much different David than the one from the very first episode, he is starting to come into his own, and Clark is starting to realize that this task may not be as easy as he first thought.

There are disembodied voices floating around as well as glimpses at a very perturbed Lenny/Yellow Eyed Devil trying to break free from the prison inside of David’s mind. The whole atmosphere of the show is unsettling, yet it leaves you wanting more. I have never had a show play with my mind the way this one does, it’s brilliant and refreshing. You can never quite guess what is going to happen next. David seems to be forever battling with his demons, both figuratively and literally.

There is still a tense friction between Kerry (Amber Midthunder) and Cary (Bill Irwin). She refuses to hear his side of the story; the betrayal is clinging on to her insides and she isn’t willing to give him permission to breathe easily. Although she won’t admit it, they are lost without one another. As Kerry watches over The Interrogator, the rest try to figure out what to do with David and their new visitor. Ptonomy (Jeremie Harris) just wants to do away with this possible threat, but they need him alive.

Syd (Rachel Keller) gets a glimpse into David’s mind. He seems distant and she wants to figure out what she can do to help his predicament, but instead of finding David in their safe place, she comes face to face with Lenny (Aubrey Plaza), who has taken on a grotesque and zombie like form. Lenny’s connection to David has been severed, but she is on the same frequency as Syd, ever since the body switch there has been that lingering aftertaste. The Shadow King is angry, and will not leave David without a fight. The only way David will live is if he chooses to leave on his own accord, and Syd needs to help him find a way out, or risk losing David forever.

Melanie is dealing with her own emotional disruptions, no matter how hard she tries to rouse Oliver’s memories of her, he still doesn’t remember. You can tell that he is right on the cusp, there is something familiar between the two of them, but he has been gone for so long, everything inside is jumbled. Instead of residing in a state of victimization they both get to work with the bigger task at hand. David, and how to separate the parasite that has ravaged his mind and body. It’s already clear that Melanie wants to use David’s powers for their cause, it will be interesting how that all plays out. He is not one to be used after all he has been through. But things are not looking good for David, The Shadow King is starting to break through the barriers. They need to work fast, or lose David forever.

The rush David to Cary’s lab, where everything has been set up for the extraction. The Interrogator is now informed as to what is going on with David because of Syd, she didn’t want to keep anymore secrets. So, as he, and the rest of Division 3 (who had been watching through a camera in his cane) watch, the horror of the situation really starts to set in. David is strapped down, confused and disoriented, he just wants to be released from the grasps of The Shadow King. One the machine is turned on, David falls away into his memories.

One by one traces of The Shadow King are erased from his thoughts, it’s like a bomb has gone off and is only targeting the parasite. The Yellow Eyed Devil has arrived, but Davida has the upper hand, the powers have been weakened and his hold on David aren’t as severe as they used to be. As he coaxes Lenny out, she seems more decrepit than before, almost powerless against him. The Shadow King has been with David for his whole life, what would he be without the parasite? Would he still Be David? As he contemplates this outlook, the serenity is banished when The Shadow King finally takes hold, trying to kill David from the inside out.

Syd can’t stand idly by and watch the man she loves slip away, only she has the power to break the chain of command. Full of love for David she risks her life by entering the red square, doing the only thing she can think of, kissing David on the lips. With that one precious moment, The Shadow King is catapulted out of David and in to Syd. Then a chain reaction unfolds, focusing on Kerry (who came running to help), he transferred himself into her. They were no match for him once he unleashed his power, and every one of them fell before his wake of destruction. No one could do a thing, that is until David awakened from his troubled slumber.

The dynamic push between good and evil was present in the head-on collision of two very powerful psychics. Neither was willing to back down, so as they crashed into each other, it caused a powerful psychic explosion which knocked The Shadow King out of Kerry’s body, and in to the unsuspecting Oliver. David was now free, but The Shadow King was loose and had a new host to play with. One by one everyone began to come to, no deaths this time.

Can Division 3 and the rest of the team work together? There is a darkness arising in the south, and they are going to need all the power, both mutant and man-made, they can get.

I won’t spoil what happened after the end credits, but there is a scene that makes you want Season Two to be here as quickly as possible. Things are changing, and there is nothing they can do about it. One war may be over, but another is about to begin.

This is exactly the finale I expected from the world of Legion. It did not disappoint; the show never seems to. There are so many more stories to tell in this diverse and chaotic world, I can’t wait to take another ride through the insanity. Before I leave you, I must say that Aubrey Plaza has pulled the show together in such a way that it would be severely lacking something brilliant if she wasn’t part of the production. Her portrayal of Lenny was impeccable, and I hope she gets the recognition she deserves. Hopefully we will be seeing more of her.

Alas, we must wait.


Rating: 10/10

This was the Finale of Season One, Season Two Air Date TBD.