Supernatural (S12E16) “Ladies Drink Free”

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Hey all! The boys are back! Finally after the long wait (for me it felt like months) we get to see how this whole American & Brit team work out. Hopefully it will go okay (we all know it won’t), also I’m doing something a tad new for the reviews. It’ll make things easier on me & so that the reviews won’t be extra long. Well, on the review questions that I answered about this episode.


What is this episode about?

In this episode we see how Dean does with helping the Brits out on the next mission. But the have an extra so called hunter on there hands, Mick. He wants to make up for last time & be a bit more prepared for the fights to come. But will he be able to handle it? ( I doubt it.)


Who is in this episode?

Dean (Squirrel)

Sam (Moose)

Mick (Hunter Wannabe)

Claire (Little Rascal; that’s the nickname I’m giving her)


What did I like about this episode (in no particular order)?

Claire showing up but not pretending to be a cop. Wouldn’t expect her to choose an animal profession as her cover up but okay.

Dean being a protective dad throughout the entire episode! It was all so glorious!

Dean being a big old kid when he notices all the glorious perks for working with the Brits.

Sam being such a nerd (in a good way) for the new research he finds & growing an interest in the Brits school they went to.


What didn’t I like about this episode (also in no particular order)?

Mick wanting to join the hunt when he’s inexperienced. He’ll always have a desk job, I swear.

Claire lying to people she cares about; there were a lot of moments where I wanted Claire to sit down somewhere!

No one called Cas when Claire showed up; still no Cas appearance this episode.

Mick killed the young girl who was bitten by the werewolf. She wanted help Mick not death! Mick wasted no time stabbing her in the chest with that syringe. Then walked away & try to act like it never happened.

Claire having a near death experience! She could’ve died if that antidote didn’t go well at all; Claire had stormed off into the pathway surrounded by woods when Sam told her to act her age. Listening to music & paying no attention to her surroundings she got bite by a werewolf. An later kidnapped but the boys saved her.


What scene did I like the best?

The scene where Claire put on her headphones & started walking down the path. The music was perfect for this scene plus that 360 spin just made it all more amazing.


What will happen next week?

In the preview after the episode I have a feeling more Brits will be coming to America & Mick might stab the boys in the back. For real this time but with a gun.