The Great Indoors (S01E16) “Aaron Wolf”


Jack (Joel McHale) is all about being authentic and true to the outdoors, that’s why it has been so important for him to be a wealth of knowledge and experience for the rest of the team. Since he has found this new sense of accomplishment and has been able to connect to the team of millennials, he pride’s himself on making a difference in their world. That’s all about to change though, there’s a new player on the field, and he’s as fake as they can get.

Aaron Wolf (Chris D’Elia) was a former co-worker of Jack’s. They both got their humble start from Outdoor Limit’s, and both of their lives went a completely opposite direction. While Jack went a more rustic route and getting himself out there in the great outdoors, Aaron settled on a television career that is successful even though it’s not very true to the real deal. Aaron is asked by Roland (Stephen Fry) to come and be a guest editor for a week at the magazine. The rest of the team, and Brooke are beyond smitten with Aaron, while Jack and Clark (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) are keeping their distance.

At first it appears Jack could be jealous of the path that Aaron chose, but when we find out more, it seems as though Jack was the one who was first offered the television series but turned it down, it didn’t fit in with what he wanted to be portrayed as. It gives you a different perspective of Jack, he may not always have it together, but at least he’s true to his values.

While Aaron has Emma (Christine Ko) and Mason (Shaun Brown) transfixed on a new story that revolves around the Yukon, Clark and Jack decide to go in an opposite direction, out into nature instead of acting in front of a green screen. Even though Emma and Mason have been sucked into this superficial world, they can’t help but hear the voice of Jack in the back of their minds, and they don’t want to lie to the fans from around the world that are coming to them with questions about their adventures.

While Clark and Jack are struggling to keep it together, the call of the wild falls short, and their viewership wanes, even with Jack taking off his shirt. It seems that the fake entertainment that Aaron has created is more successful, and it bother’s Jack. The tv producers want to offer Jack his own show, which his against until he believes that he has lost Emma and Mason to the dark side, in poor spirits thinking he had failed his team, he agrees to the tv show.

But fear not, there is something spectacular going on. Mason and Emma decided that they needed to maintain the integrity of Outdoor Limits and actual go to the Yukon. It was all because of what they had learned from their fearless leader, Jack. This was the exact motivation Jack needed to break free from his pity party and turn down the television series. He really was making a difference, and that held a bigger importance than going down a road he didn’t want to.

It’s interesting to see how much Jack’s character has grown this season, there is more to come, but he isn’t this superficial know it all who first walked into the office. There is something more real about him now.

Oh, and it’s apparently “Pussum” now, not Possum.


Rating: 6/10

The Great Indoors returns Thursday, March 29th on CBS 8:30/7:30c