Bull: (S01E17) “Name Game”

Erin Howland (Laura Breckenridge) is a 5th grade school teacher, duped of her savings from a special Alternative Investment Division within her bank; Brannigan Trust. (insert irony)

Within this special unit is a zoo of brokers on the fast track, all using the name Alex Dubois…male and female! There mission is to work “The Sucker List”; clients specific to the blue collar demographic and those who are on/or near retirement; seeking to build a little nest egg. Bull is encouraged to listen to the case of Erin by Chunk. He’s speaking on behalf of his nephew, a student of Ms Howland and in her 5th grade class!.

Bull finds there are others, after meeting with the very nonchalant CEO of the bank. Over 4thousand of the working class across the country have been “scammed”  It’s a bizzness of  “Pump & Dump” Shady, yet “legal” stock brokers, playing with vulnerable people’s money, working from this “Sucker’s List” and proclaiming no responsibility. Bull uses this bank  for his own business and just as nonchalantly goes to the mat; fully supporting a class action lawsuit, with his “time, talent and treasures”. They could win millions…or lose so much more!

The Judge (Kurt Fuller) banks with the same trust as well.  He’s not necessarily bias, yet every defense objection, he sustained.  He will not recuse himself. He apparently has a beef with Bull about a foul golf game or Bull killed his dog.  I’m not sure.

Bull finds his star witness in Sofia Dern (Cristina Rosado), A money minded broker “with her mind on her money &  her money on her mind”…only! She made $750k last year and is a lead dupe artist.  She’s subpoenaed & wants to be paid…or she wont do it! (testify) An arrest warrant is issued and she essentially wins the case with her testimony of “The Sucker’s List!” …and with a few other well placed Bull angles that border on jury tampering; they win!  It went so fast it was uneventful.

Meanwhile, the Hayden Marcus case brings Prosecutorial Misconduct charges against Benny. Hayden is released after 9 years of incarceration and new DNA evidence.  Not even his feel good pastrami sammich can make him feel better.  He tells Chunk and not Bull, who senses something is upsetting his associate, friend and former brother in law. Apparently here lies another trust issue, eh? When this case surfaces, no doubt it will be “must see!”

In other Benny news; he kissed a girl & liked it! He seems to have a type and it’s Ms Howland! Stay tuned!

Bull usually airs, Tuesday nights @ 9:00 pm. Pacific time