NCIS NOLA: (S03E19) “Quid Pro Quo”

A detachment unit of Seabees is laying fiber optics @ Belle Chasse base. A worker, Rob Campbell is on a high rise. He drops a bucket of tools, rubs his eyes, holds his head and screams, “make it stop” as he jumps 5 stories! “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!

Sebastian & Pride are still “tryna find sum’n” regarding the Javier murder & the Mayor’s involvement, when they get the call. Then they hear another worker is sick. The common denominator is a cake sent over from a local bakery, meant as a welcome.  LaSalle checks the cake box & finds a dead rat with the same “symptoms” as the dead Seabee.  It’s believed to be poison.

LaSalle & Gregorio, (Percy is missing again) investigates the bakery & finds the baker is dead. Shot. He had put up quiet a fight

Meanwhile back at the lab, it’s determined what killed the Seabee was a super virus & Loretta has it.  She apparently exposed her skin to the virus @ the crime scene. Its not airborne, yet deadly & highly contagious. This super virus was developed by the Chinese for biochemical warfare, it was never released. So why now? With Loretta being sick with only hours to live, Sebastian works on an antidote.

Dwayne needs time and doesn’t want to alarm the city so he goes to his nemesis, Mayor Hamilton to keep a lid. Hamilton already knows and continues his threats and nastiness. Steven Weber (that guy from Wings) is very good. His good looks and childlike charm works for the deception. Before he cooperates he wants all of Pride’s info he’s gathered on him.  He’s also ready to invoke a Mobility Agreement, something about the ability to take jurisdiction and run the NCIS authority out of town.  Pride doesn’t answer, yet it appears he’ll bring the file. Yes; a nasty man.  Bravo!  

Percy’s out again! I’d really like to know what’s going on here, is she being rotated out to another unit, on National Guard weekend duty, what’s the deal?…budget?! Never the less, Sebastian comes through with another save on the episode for me. Determined to find the antidote, Loretta is waning fast; he goes to ground zero, the Belle Chasse base. He encounters the agents of sabotage and with no cell service, he pulls his gun & says,  “crap!”   & goes in after the bad guys, alone before his team arrives. 

Later, when they track down “the handler” of the agents of sabotage, Sebastian goes bad ass & threatens to inject the bad guy, when he refuses to cooperate. He describes the pain of the toxin so vividly, while approaching the agent, poised, confident with needle in hand; he screams and gives it up! Riveting and so good! Unfortunately, the handler is shot through a brick wall before he can divulge any more information.   Through a brick wall is major, innit? 

The partial print found @ the Garcia death site is the same partial found on a shell casing that killed the handler!  This points to our Mayor Hamilton!  What?! He’s come a long ways from being a rascal and city scoundrel. 

And so Pride takes the file of information he has gathered to Hamilton; it’s empty!  Hamilton screams! The gloves are off; Pride vs Hamilton! Great episode! ☆☆☆☆…and could have been mo’betta with Percy! 

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